Week 5 day 5

Good morning rockstars.

I’ve woken up and again been greeted by the sound of rain this morning so we will see what happens with today’s workout.

Luckily an hour later the rain has subsided and I can do a chest workout this morning.


Bench press

Incline fly

Flat fly

Incline press


Standing  dumbbell chest fly

Push ups to failure

So a great workout.

Funnily enough the rain has just started again as I finished my workout.

No real gains today but as things have been switched around I expect that to be the case.  I’ve always found my that bench press and incline press are effected. I’m strong on the first one and usually increase weight and that’s fatigued me enough that the second of the two exercises suffered. If I change the order the same thing happens. It’s about fatiguing the muscle not how much weight you’re pressing.

With training out of the way it’s breakfast.

Jalapeño poppers and BPC.

When something works why change it.

Morning snack was kauri’s green tea fat bomb

With social media taking up a huge part of my morning, it’s almost 2 pm

Time for lunch.

Fried pork belly just over 150 g. Hot and spicy the way I like it. I also had a egg yolk coffee today. Something again I don’t have often but we purchased some eggs in bulk today.

This afternoon went fast. Mainly I’ve been writing. I still have my HIIT to do later tonight. (I usually do this at 7:30 pm.)

My protein is low today so I’ve added a protein shake for convenience. I try to avoid them if I can these days and use real protein over incomplete proteins sources.

So that will leave dinner.

150 g of roast chicken, some bok choi.


Another good day.

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