Week 5 day 4

Good morning Peeps.

Today I will be doing yesterday’s workout as there is no sign of rain. It’s cloudy but hopefully no chance of meatballs.

I should also mention last night I started some HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the stationary bike. I do 30/60 fast /slow. This will change over the months to 30/30 and is done over 15-20 minutes.

This will be done 3 times a week to start.

Back workout:

Today I started upstairs with special K on the door gym.

Face pulls

Straight arm pulldowns

Then outside:

Weighted pull-ups (wide)

One-arm rows

Weighted pull ups ( narrow)


Workout was fantastic. I actually went up on the pull-ups with the weight. .

I must admit I’m glad it rained yesterday. I was really sore from the previous two workouts. Today I was ready to take on the world.

With that said, it’s breakfast time.

Waffles with coconut cream and protein powder and bacon off-cuts Kauri picked up ..

These off cuts were brilliant, a little thicker but almost tasted like jerky.

I’ve just caught up on some of the IG feeds so I’m going to have a snack of Kauri’s avocado green tea fudge .. This is so friggin awesome .. Even better the next day (if that’s possible.) I’ve also had a chocolate avocado mousse..

A bit more social media and it’s lunch time, my usual go-to meal, tuna  salad.

Always easy to prepare and a good source of protein.

Special K has also been working on another dessert.

Avocado coconut lime cheesecake.

I’ve been a good boy and done my Thai audio lesson so it’s time for dinner.

We’ve had roast chicken, long beans and chicken coconut soup tonight.


And we are done.



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