Week 5 day 3

Morning peeps.

Somedays no matter how hard you try things don’t go to plan.

It’s Been raining most of the morning so training is on hold. I’ve been playing catch up on my posts and IG. It’s almost becoming a full-time job. Even so, having a decaf with Kauri sitting back in bed isn’t to hard to take. Talk about a hard life.

My first meal of the day is the same as yesterday, Jalapeño popper egg cups. Lets face it, if something works why change it.

These poppers were frozen and reheated .. They turn out just as good and as usual a bullet style coffee.

While I was writing Kauri made some avocado mousse.

Lunch was something special, chicken Thai salad. This is one of a few Thai dishes Kauri taught me when we lived in Sydney and it definitely brings back a lot of memories.

Very yummy.  And very spicy the way I like it.

This afternoon I’ve been testing another batch of kauri’s avocado matcha fudge. I think her recipe is perfect absolutely love it.

Time to do another Thai audio lesson so this will be another 30 minutes.

Also as the weather hasn’t been great today, I’ve made it a non-training day ( but it is rainy season so  it’s to be expected.) Tomorrow will be Back day. Worse case I’ll train on the door gym upstairs.

Tonight’s dinner will be roast chicken, some green curry and 5 g of pistachio nuts.


Another great day.

Have a lovely night folks ..



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