Week 5 day 1

I hope everyone’s well and been taking notes my first month of documentation for this project. Time to mix things up a little.

As I was doing maintenance, nothing’s changed. My weight has been locked in at 222 +_ 1 pound.

Waist is still 34 inches.

I’ll probably do one more month of maintenance but we will gauge it and see how I go. First change I’m making is in my workout. Time to change things again.


Seated dumbbell presses

Seated side lateral raise

Standing press behind neck

Rear delt using incline

Seated twist (rear delt)

Plate shrug

Pull ups: 3 sets

As usual I’ll expand each week on the exercises.

With today’s workout done, it’s time for my first meal.

The coffee was care of my friend Michelle. It uses two egg yolks. We add coconut oil, salt toffee stevia and cinnamon. It’s really lovely.

Did I mention 1000 followers on IG?  This blew me away yesterday. I’m not about the numbers but it’s the friendships, support and recommendations of others in the community.

Like how could I not do Deadpool on such a momentous occasion.

This morning I was busy reading posts and messages. I also had a chia pudding for morning snack.

While I was writing kauri made me a lovely tuna salad.


We’ve  also utilised the avocados we purchased that arrived yesterday and made chocolate mousse. My calories are sitting at 2016 calories at this stage of the game.

I’ve spent this afternoon doing my Thai audio lesson and also did 4 sets of face pulls on the door gym.

Dinner tonight was roast chicken and bok choi. I’ve also had some macadamia nuts and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with a squeeze of lime juice.

Finished off dinner with a new dessert Kauri’s working on .. A.ll I can say is Wow!

The second thing I’m going to implement is some HIIT on the stationary Bike starting this week I’ll do 3 times a week . I usually do this around 8.30 pm when grandmas gone to bed .


These are usually on par and my last meal I adjust to reach my targets. Again, I’m doing maintenance so not only is protein my goal but I also aim to reach my fat levels.

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