Week 4 day 5

Good morning rockstars.

My last workout of the week (arms) so let’s look if I made any improvements over the past 4 weeks.

Arm workout:

Seated dummbell curl: 20-35 pounds

Tricep kickbacks: 10-15 pounds (I actually feel these more if I don’t go heavier. I find  more tension isolating the muscle.)

Reverse arm curl 30kg- 34kg  (66 -74 pounds.)

Standing triceps extensions  42kg-46kg (92-101 pounds.)

Drag curl 26kg-30kg. These are a nasty exercise and you don’t go heavy  (56-66 pounds.)

Concentration curl: 20-25 pounds.

Seated dips* something different today: 4 sets 10 reps.

Wrist curls: 30-32 kg ( 66-70 pounds.)

Again these are not 1 RM ( one rep max.) These are my full reps for that exercise and fasted no supplements just water.

Next week I’m going to shuffle the exercises again and we will comparison again in a month.

With training done it’s time to cook my first meal.

I’ll make savoury mince with eggs.

These calories include my one and only coffee with butter and coconut oil.

I’ve done a little bit of social media today so it’s kept me busy.


Special K (Kauri) prepared a platter of nibbles. salami, olives and home made cheese crisps.

It was so filling I only ate half the olives .

Something special for afternoon tea, a mug cake from Kauri’s recipe index.

Such a beautiful little dessert. My wife really is the keto dessert queen.

I’ve done my audio lesson today. Thai is such a hard language. The fact I’m partially deaf (industrial deafness) doesn’t help.


Tonight’s dinner is roasted chicken, bok choi and coconut lemongrass ginger soup.


Another great day. Really happy with this week so far.

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