Week 4 day 4

Good morning peeps.

Wow! 900 followers on Instagram. That deserves a meme.

Overcast this morning but at least it’s not raining yet so time to train chest.

I’m going to train differently today as it may rain at any moment. I’m going to do dumbbell work only today so it’s less stuff to pack up if it starts to rain.

Standing dumbbell flies: 4 sets 12 reps same weight

Incline dumbbell flies:  4 sets  12 reps

decline flies: 3-4 sets 8-10 reps

Dumbbell pull overs: 4 sets 10 reps

Push ups: 3 sets to failure

I certainly felt it today.


Waffles with cream protein filling, bacon, salsa and my bullet coffee.

A little bit of writing and some time spend answering messages.

Two panna cotta for morning snack.

These are seriously simple to make.


Lunch was cauli fried rice. So much yum on a plate today.

Such a lovely meal.


Roast chicken, morning glory and chicken and coconut soup.





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