Week 4 day one

Morning peeps what can I say?

I love routine. It’s great to be back and time to hit shoulder workout.

I’ve  explained my workouts over the past weeks so let’s crunch some numbers and see if I’ve made any gains with keto over the past four weeks.

I will add the figures for each body part.


Side lateral raise 20-25 pounds

Military press 141-154 pounds

Upright row 92- 110 pounds

Front raise 20-30 pounds

Rear delt incline/seated 15-20 pounds

Standing Arnold   one-arm press 40-55 pounds

Chin-up 0-11 pounds.  I also went from 8-12 reps per set.

Every workout has increased . These are for my rep ranges per exercise (not my one rep maximum.)


It was a great workout as I’ve reached my max reps these weights will go up again next week.


Another great start.  Ham, eggs, waffles (with cream and protein powder) jalapeño and tomato.

Today was catch up. I ended up writing 3 blog posts which took most the day.


Lunch was the remainder of the pork belly, around 150g.

I also had some pork rinds (just not flavoured due to maltodextrin.)

Dinner was chicken, some bok choi with some green curry. I also had some panna cotta.

We also made our mug cake.

I finished off the night with 30 minutes on the stationary bike. And for the record, I don’t subtract exercise calories especially if your goal is weight loss.


Today I’m over macros. I’ve hit my protein. Well actually I’ve exceeded it . Reached my fats and still stayed under on calories.

This is typical of some of the posts I see on IG and face book where people are over on protein and they panic. Gluconegenosis is demand driven not supply driven. Extra protein doesn’t just turn to sugar. Extra protein will just get burned before fat. The only bad thing that can happen is that you’d stall weight loss.



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