Week 4 day 3

Good morning peeps.

With yesterday’s headache behind me, it’s time to get my groove on today.

It’s been raining most of the night. It’s now 7am and the rain has finally ceased.

I’ve had my tea this morning (with ACV) and I’m ready to go hit the weights. I think I forgot to mention I’m dropping my coffee to one cup a day. This I will have with breakfast.

Back workout

Austrailian Pull 5 kg- 15 kg

Wide grip pull up 0-5 kg

Upright row 12-15 kg

Seated row 30-42 kg *

Close grip pull ups  0-10kg

“T-bar row 90kg-100kg *

*These exercises were only done 2-3 times.

The ranges are the first week weight and the 4th week so everything has increased over the 4 weeks.

All training is done in a fasted state, no supplements, just water and coffee, no BS and these increases are for my maximum reps. So I go up again next week.

It’s almost 10 am so time for my first meal.

Jalapeño poppers and coffe with butter and oil (my only coffee and it’s decaf.)

Off to a great start today.

Its just after midday so I’m going to have a snack .  My brother-in-law brought back some Gruyere cheese so I’ve had 3 cheeses, 90g  and two pieces of chocolate.

I’ve mentioned previously I’m not a big cheese eater but these are free and I hate to be rude…lol

472 calories for the cheese and chocolate.

18 g of protein, 40g of fat and 1 g of carbs.

A bit of writing done and it’s time for lunch actually it’s after 2:30.

My go-to tuna salad and two eggs. The photo only shows one.

So far we are just over 1900 calories.

After a bit more writing we’ve made one of our mug cakes for dessert. It’s now 4pm. Special K (Kauri) really is the dessert queen.

This leaves us with around 40o calories to go.

Today was finished off with chicken curry. It’s the one thing that we’re are both great cooks and make our own curry paste from scratch.



I’m 100 calories over today but no drama at all.

Best of all my blog post are now up to date.



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