Week 4 day 2

Good morning everyone.

Finally I’m up to date.

Today is leg day.

Today has probably been the most suckiest day ever. I started getting a headache during training which only got worse. Between that and getting bitten by mosquitoes, today’s workout was a 1/10 a total fail.

I’ll still add that lifts for the past 4 weeks.


Squats  286 -308 pounds

Leg curls 1 leg reps increased 8-12 per set

Deadlift – N/A

Calf raise 264-308 pounds

Bulgarian split squats

Wall squat 40 – 60seconds

Leg extension 8-12 reps per set

First meal: 10am

Bacon and waffles.

I’ve gone back upstairs and had a sleep

After doing more writing it was lunch time.

Fried chicken, salad and avocado and a chia pudding.

Another nap and still feel like crap.

We’ve made a mug cake from our recipes and I also had a handful of nuts.

With that I’m actually within my macros today.

Macros were on par today.

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