Week 3 day 6

Good morning peeps.

Yesterday my phone died with all my writing so I’ll add it when I get back (now done.)

This morning we celebrate 6 years of marriage. Time has certainly flown. I have to admit I’m more in love with Kauri as every day passes. As it’s a non-training day, I’ve utilized the pool this morning and gone for a quick dip in the pool. It was cold but refreshing.

Breakfast this morning was a little disappointing and small servings. You have the option of English breakfast so I just asked for bacon and eggs minus all the other crap (baked beans, mushroom, tomatoes, toast.) I also had two coffee with butter and a handful of macadamia nuts. (I also have bacon cups for later) in the photo Kauri gave me one of her eggs. They also provide a basket of breads ..lol like that’s gonna help.

We are looking at 772 calories.

Protein 30 g, Fat 71.3, Net carbs 1.2 g.

This is the view from breakfast. This ruin is 640 years old, incredible.

This morning was fairly low key. We didn’t do a lot, bit of swimming, writing and posting.

There are some amazing ruins in Ayutthaya. You could visit every week and see different places of interest.

This is known as the portal of time. Depending on the time of year the sun  reflects inside .. absolutely incredible. We never got to see it before. It’s a locally kept secret. OK, so it’s just between us.

After taking many photos we are going to go have lunch down the road  actually next door to the other restaurant.

Prawns, green curry, pork belly. (Yes, I asked for the curry not to be sweet

Prawns with basil


Green curry (a sign of a good curry is fat floating on the top.)

Pork belly







It was fantastic. I really love Thai basil in food. The  pork belly was fatty crispy and filling. The meat was tender and delicious. After an hour sitting down for lunch we decide to head back.

Tonight we celebrate. As I said in the beginning, total transparency.

My drink of choice is vodka. So I had a couple of shots I also had some pork crackling and some jalepino poppers.



My calorie intake was low for the second day running. I was 900 calories under.  Although my protein was on par, fat is low and net carbs under 6g.


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