Week 3 day 5

Good morning Rock stars. It’s visa day today .

I’ve been awake since 4:30 and the alarm’s due to go off in 45 minutes so I won’t fall back to sleep this morning.

We leave for Immigration Bureau at 5:45am and arrive by 6:30. Today the traffic was flowing, no hiccups at all. I was expecting a few problems due to the storms and rain last night.

We park the car and go into the immigration complex. Already there’s a queue and it’s still 2 hours before the department opens. Last year we arrived a little later and there was only 5 spots in front of us today there’s 50. People usually place an object in a line.

The paper bag is us lol. We are number 50 from my count.

It’s like lining up for tickets to a rock concert. Maybe next year we will camp out. Not the start we were hoping for.

As Kauri suggested it would be a lot easier to have a ticket dispensing machine but then again that would cost money but certainly easier than having people walk around queue placements as this is a thoughfair for people to go to work.

One hour down and one to go. It constantly amazes me how some individuals want to cheat the system and jump the queues.

The other thing is .. this is an offical government place of business. You get dressed up, look presentable. I seee people arrive like they are ready to go to the beach in shorts, T-shirt. There is a protocol. It’s also about being respectful to the country and officials.

Some folks just don’t seem to get it. It’s a privilege to be in this country and not a guarantee. This goes for any country you are a guest.

The doors are just about to open .

And the Boxing Day shopping rush is about to start. It’s crazy.

Kauri will wait at the counter with hundreds of others to get a number and I’ll grab the seats and wait.

We are number 10 for our type of visa.

Let the games begin .. The waiting game that is as we wait for our number to be called on the screen.

Already 30 minutes have passed and we are only up to number 6. So I’ll make the most of it and write today’s blog post.

Time check its 9:34 and we are almost done. Well I thought we were just waiting on a signature from a high ranking official.

Ten minutes, still nothing ..

Finially we are done (well the submitted documents. ) We have to come back next month and pick up my paperwork. So another drive in but that should be quick (he says laughingly!)

Before we head off we will get something to eat at the canteen in the complex.

Kauri grabbed me 200g of pork belly and some broth.

We are about half way to one of our favourite destinations so rather than head back home we are going to continue our trip west and stay at Ayutthaya for 2 nights. This also coincides with our anniversary.

Where we usually book was booked out so we had prebooked a different place to stay. From the internet it looked fantastic. Bit more expensive but you have to treat yourself occasionally.

So we’ve arrived  and it’s time to check out the room. It won’t be ready until 1 pm so we will go and have lunch first which works out well.

There are a few restaurants by the river and the food is always spectacular. We had fried fish, I also had some macadamia nuts and some dried coconut I bought with me.

With lunch done it’s time to head 10 minutes up the road and have a look at the room.


It doesn’t disappoint.

Private courtyard, pool, massive bath. I seriously would own or build something like this.

With visa done and hotel done, looks like we are going to have a fantastic time couple of days.

The suns come out and time to go for a dip in the pool. It’s cold but refreshing. We sit back on the lounge read the paper and I feel I could get used to this.

Dinner is going to be low key. We brought a few keto staples.

I’m going to have some jalapeño popper cups for dinner and some nuts.

It’s been an exhausting day but certainly we got a lot done.

As far as macros they weren’t ideal (well, they were low.) I hit 2400 calories.


Not ideal but certainly not bad. My protein was still over 100 g (I know I was 40g lower than usual.)

I didn’t go over my carbs 14 g.

And good fats kept me full. I keep saying this but fats are not your goal.

A great day considering we have been travelling.

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