Week 3 Day 4


Morning peeps.

Firstly, to my American friends..

Hope everyone has a safe and festive time with friends family and loved ones.

Today is chest day or Chesticles as it’s fondly called .. (I just realised  chesticles and fondly might be a poor choice of words.)

Today workout is chest (better ?)

I mentioned previously that I usually will do one workout for 8 weeks then either change the order or exercises so your muscles don’t adapt. Today life threw a spanner in the works.

Bench Press- warm up

5 sets increasing in weight reps 8,6,4,2,1

Bench press – working sets

3 sets RP 4-6,6-8,8-10 (increased weight)

Weighted dips

I went to start a set and this didn’t feel right. The stretch in my sternum almost felt like something was going to tear if I kept doing this so I stopped and omitted this from today’s workout and added others to replace it.

 Incline Press 

3 sets, RP reps 4-6,6-8,8-10 (increased weight)

Incline fly

4 sets 10 reps with same weight

Decline press

3 sets, RP 4-6,6-8,8-10 (I improved weight.)

 Decline fly

3 sets 10 reps same weight

Push ups

3 sets to failure (I didn’t improve but I certainly was exhausted.)

Despite today’s dip fiasco, my workout went really well. I made a few improvements and while some lifts remained the same there were still gains today and more importantly I feel that I isolated the muscles and worked them well today.

It’s almost time for our first meal.

Today Kauri made her waffles while I finished my training.

Plus 220 for BPC so 980 calories for breakfast.

Morning snack was one panna cotta.

We’ve been packing today. Did I mention road trip?

After we do the visa application tomorrow morning, we will go the ruins of Ayutthaya as we are half way there. Thursday is our 6 year anniversary so we will celebrate it away for a couple of days.

Lunch time something I haven’t made in many years.

Cauliflower fried rice.

It was early good bacon, chicken, garlic, dried shrimp, tomato, chilli, cauliflower, crab meat, and egg. Very filling.

This afternoon I’ve had 2 panna cotta and 2 small fat bombs just to keep my calories up.

I’m going to do my Thai audio lesson.  I swear I’m tone deaf (being  that Thai is a tonal language, it sounds all the same to me.) I’ll  multitask and ride the stationary bike. 7 K for 30 minutes and a Thai lesson. Now that’s multitasking.

It’s started to bucket down again. With packing done Kauri made some jalapeño popper cups for tomorrow and while we are away. Unfortunately this is not a self serviced apartment. (I did say jalapeño poppers are a staple on our road trips.)


Tonight I had 180 g of roast chicken, 80 g of green beans and 2 panna cotta.



Fats a little lower today but still happy overall. That concludes today.

Night everyone.



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