Week 3 day 3

Morning peeps.
It’s an overcast morning today.

I forgot to add my weekly weigh-in. Today my weight is 222.4. And my waist is 34 inches.


I’m going to reduce caffeine down to 2 cups a day. To be honest I’m drinking to much (regardless if it’s decaf.)
Did you know caffeine effects your insulin response?

The problems regarding coffee’s impact on blood sugar and insulin levels have been brewing for a while and the arguments are steaming on both sides. Short-term metabolic studies have shown that caffeine intake can acutely lower insulin sensitivity and sometimes even raise blood sugar levels. One study published in “Diabetes Care” found that consuming 70 grams of coffee grounds for 4 weeks increased fasting insulin concentrations in 40 healthy volunteers without substantially affecting fasting glucose concentrations. The researchers suggested that such results reflect decreased insulin sensitivity from high caffeine intake. What’s worse is that after just 5 days of regular supplementation, the body’s blood glucose control system may become tolerant to the effects of caffeine. If, for whatever reason, you would want to get off the bean, be aware that a sudden withdrawal can cause severe headaches, irritability, anxiety, depression, drowsiness and fatigue.

Today’s workout is back .

Australian pull up

4 sets 10-12 reps (I also add a 10 kg plate on my chest. I went up from 5 kg plate.)

Pull ups – wide grip

3 sets 8-10 reps (today I increased from 8 reps to 10 per set.)

Upright row

4 sets 8-10 reps (Increased from 8-10 reps on each set.)

Seated one-arm row

4 sets 10 reps (weight and reps increased today.)

Pull ups narrow grip 

3 sets 8-10 reps (I added a chain as weight and reached max reps.)

I usually do T-bar rows but today I was exhausted. I felt every exercise so doing another exercise was of no use and may cause an injury due to fatigue.

Workouts done.

Time to prepare the first meal.

Plus another 200 calories for my bullet style coffee.

We are off to a great start.

Today we have to get some things done for our visa; bank statements (signed and notorized by the bank, photocopies of passport etc. So with this done it’s time for a late lunch.

We’ve decided to do the chicken noodle soup (without the noodles.) You have to ask yourself what’s better than a bowl of this soup? That’s easy ,2 bowls🍜🍜

This was so good and seriously filling, chicken, bean sprouts, chilli. We arrived home just before the storms hit. (It’s rainy season in Thailand at the moment.)

It’s almost 4 pm but I’m going to have a snack consisting of cheese and pork rinds. Not a huge cheese fan except cheese taco shells. They are the bomb.

We are aslo going to prepare dinner.

Stir fry chicken, with chilli, finger root, Thai eggplant and red curry.

I finished off with 2 fat bombs.



My fats and calories are slightly lower than I wanted but that’s all she wrote tonight. After all we do have fat stores and keto is supposed to tap into that.

Night everyone.





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