Week 3 day 2

Good morning Rockstars.

On the seventh day God rested. (Unfortunately for me today is leg day.) The only thing I look forward to about a leg workout is the finish.

I’ve taken my pre-workout drink tea with ACV and have my coffee and water at the helm. (Again, I don’t take supplements and I’m still fasted since last night.)



Warm Up Sets: 5 sets increasing in weight. Reps range 10,8,6,4,2. 2 minute rest between sets. (My weights increased today which was funny. I never felt strong.)


Working sets: 3 sets RPT 4-6,6-8,8-10. Three minutes rest between sets.

Leg curl (One leg at a time) 

4 sets increasing weight reps 12,10,8,6. Two minute rest between sets

Calf raise seated 

5 sets 20 reps. Two minutes rest between sets.

Bulgarian split squats

8 reps per side same weight,  4 sets.

Leg extension

12-15 reps, hold the last rep on each set for 10 seconds, 3-4 sets.

Wall squat

3 sets, hold the squat for one minute squat. two minutes rest, repeat (last week was 45 seconds per set so a big jump.)

With jelly legs achieved, it’s time for my first meal.

First meal

Jalapeño popper egg cups care of ruled.me.

With the usual BP style coffee added this will bring my calories to over 1000 for the morning.

Time to go play catch up on social media.

Mid morning snack: one panna cotta and one fat bomb and 40 g of salted pork skins. Currently in sitting at 1555 calories.

Time to work on this post. I also listened to a podcast by keto evangelist on cholesterol.


Lunch was chicken salad.

This afternoon I actually rode a stationary bike for 28 minutes a total of 7 km. Now it wasn’t for fitness. I was actually redoing a Thai language course and rather than sit down I figured I’ll ride the bike. This will be every day for the next month. So I’ve burned 320 calories.

It’s almosr dinner time


Roast chicken around 170g with a side dish of egg and Thai eggplant with Thai basil.

I also had 3 fat bombs 

So macros for today

Today I decided to have some guava (Oh my god! He’s eaten fruit!) Yep, come at me with pitch forks. This was to bring my calories up. I’m still really happy with today.



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