Week 3 day one

Good morning peeps. A new week. I can’t believe two weeks have already passed.

Today I’m going to expand a bit on my training programs. I will keep adding more keto content as well.

So let’s start off with my workout and then explain and answer Michelle’s question.

This is today’s workout;


Side lateral Warm Up Sets  3-5 sets 15 reps.  I did 3 sets today as my shoulder mobility felt great. 1-2 minute rest between sets (my reps for shoulder warm up will always be between 15-20 repetitions.) The movement is slow and controlled on the way down. You’re not a bird trying to take off.

Side lateral raise – standing (4 sets X 8-10reps) Last week I reached my reps but I decided to stay at the same weigh and increased the reps to 12 ( again, strict form is paramount.) I’ll go up weight range next week and reps will reset back to 8 per set. If at any time my form suffers I’ll drop the weight down on the sets. 2 minutes rest between sets.

Shoulder press- standing

3 sets Reverse Pyramid

Anytime you do reverse pyramid I suggest 4-5 warm up sets if these are your first or second exercise for that specific body part gradually increasing the weight reps, usually 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

With reverse pyramid, you are looking at doing a heavy lift that you can get between 4-6 reps with good form. The second set you drop the weight by 10% and aim for 6-8 reps with good form. The third set is the same. Drop weight by another 10% and aim for 8-12 repetitions.

Only when you meet your maximum rep range on a set do you increase the weight by the next poundage e.g. 10 pound plate add the smallest increment. If you don’t get maximum reps on one of the other sets, it stays at the weight until you reach the maximum rep range.

Rest between sets is 2-3 minutes.

Upright row

I do actually use this exercise for both back and shoulder workouts. My trapezius muscles are a week point I’m working on over the next few months.

4  sets X 8reps. With this exercise I use slightly wider grip than shoulder width. I do 10 reps when I reach all sets for 10 my weight goes up. Next week I go up. Again, 2 minute rest between sets.

Front raise

These can be done with either a plate (raise twist to the left, middle and right this is one rep) or a standard dumbbells raise 3 sets 8 -10 reps, 2 minutes between sets. This should be slowly lowered each rep. Again, good form is paramount.

Rear delt seated

4 sets 12-15 reps. This is such an important exercise. If you have underdeveloped/undertrained rear delts your shoulders will roll in.

I also swap this exercises with face pulls as well.

Standing Arnold press

These are done one arm at a time (imagine the strongman at the circus.)

Arnold press is where you start at the bottom with your palms facing your body as you push up you turn the dumbbell so your palm faces out.

Three sets 6-8 reps, heavy. When you reach max reps on all sets you go up. Next week I go up again.

Pull up

I’ve mentioned previously that pull ups are not so much about building shoulders but strengthening the supporting muscles.

Three sets 8-10 reps. Today I did 3 sets, 12 reps. Next week I add a chain as additional weight.

With RP training, I suggest 2-3 minute rests between sets. This also applies for compound movements such as bench press, squats, deadlifts.

Other exercises usually 1-2 minutes.

How do I pick the right weight for me? 

It’s best to find a weight that allows you to reach your repetitions with good form and allowing for controlled movement.

This is where you need to leave your ego at the door (especially for us guys.) It’s the culture you walk to a bench press or squat rack  and it’s “Hey bro, how much do you lift?” It’s really irrelevant if your goal is to build muscle. Good form, time under tension, and muscle mind connection focus of the muscle being isolated in the movement. Its pointless doing a standing arm curl, for example, if your swinging the weight you then engage the shoulders back, legs  etc.

Again, we are not powerlifters.

I do incorporate heavy training in my training but some body parts respond better to higher reps. I see many novice lifters ask what’s better heavy weights or higher reps. It depends on experience, injuries, technique and form. You can build good lean muscle with higher repetitions. It may take longer but it has two benefits: it gives you the added cardiovascular workout and also less impact on the joints.

If you take anything from this, understand the movement of the exercise performed. It’s of no use going super heavy if your body compensates due to excessive weight or poor form.

I also change the order of the exercises (rotate the order every 8 weeks or replace the exercise.) This way your muscles don’t adapt.

As with keto, everyone is different workouts also need to be tailored for your strengths, weaknesses, experience and goals.

With today’s workout done, its time to sort our first meal of the day.

Going to make a waffle burger this morning.

These calories also included my bullet coffee.

This morning was spent writing yesterday’s post.

I’m still pretty full from this morning meal so rather than my typical tuna salad I’m going to have 40g of salted pork rinds and 2 panna cotta. (This is not the norm. If I wasn’t in maintenance I would not have eaten.)

I’m almost caught up today with this blog post. Two posts in one day. How’s that for dedication?

Dinner will be 150 g of roast chicken and 80 g of bok choi.

Macros for today:


Have a lovely evening everyone.



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