Week 2 day 7


Good morning peeps. I hope everyone’s well. Today I’m a day behind in posts so this is actually written the day after so I’ll do 2 days worth of blogs.

Today I’m jumping for joy it’s date night (again we do the whole day.) The sky is blue, birds are singing and my lovely wife is asleep by my side.

Today we’ve decided to go to another massive complex about 25 minute drive from us. It’s actually another branch of Central Department Store but better with a few extra high-end shops.

But before all the festivities start we will have breakfast. Today will be our ” world famous ” fry up. In my previous keto blog post, Kauri always mentioned places that were world famous for something so I’m going with it.



This is such a simple meal to cook in a pot. Cook mince in butter and oil, add bacon, garlic, tomato, etc., spices of your choice, and when cooked crack a few eggs on top and cover ..

Keto does not need to be complicated.

With breakfast done it’s time to head out to the shopping center.The opening times in Thailand are different. Most open from 11 am and stay open very late a night.

Kauri needs to pay a bill at the bank so this is our first item on the agenda but it’s easier said then done. All the banks are on the 4th floor but as luck would have it, not ours. It’s listed but it’s not in the location it should be. Well, at least we got some steps up but wasted 40 minutes. This is a massive complex.

The other thing I wanted to look at was shoes but out here they don’t cater for big foot so unless you are in a province populated heavily with foreigners they don’t carry larger sizes.

So two strikes already and it’s not even midday. So we decided to look at clothes. I found a couple of nice shirts. There’s a brand here called DeFry. It’s really well made and dearer than many but worth every penny. With the sales on we can find some at 50% off. Well I found a nice shirt in a XXXL  but trying to get service is another thing all together. It seems other staff have their own area and it’s taboo to help serve you. Someone finally came round and said she would be back. Well I got sick of waiting. That’s strike three we are getting out of this shopping center.

We’ve decided to go back to old faithful .

Stopped for a coffee (we picked up cream) and some macadamias at the grocery store.

Its after 2:30 pm and we’ve decided to have lunch.

Kauri suggest this great little restaurant down stairs that do a wait for it .. ‘world famous’ chicken noodle soup.

We’ve ordered some noodle soup without the noodles and half a chicken (small) for me. I have to say the food is good. (The roast chicken was a little cold on the middle but it was perfectly cooked.)


On the left is the condiments you can add; chili powder, fish sauce, green chillies in vinegar and unfortunately sugar.

The meal was fantastic. Since we are here we’ve decided to watch a movie that starts before 5pm.

The movie was 2:22 but wasn’t screened till 4:50 ..lol

The one thing I love about the movies and culture in Thailand is after the movie trailers you stand and pay respect to the king. There’s a kings anthem that plays .


Even being a foreigner here I have much respect for the late king and for what he achieved both personally and to better the country. It was a very sad day last year when he passed.

With the anthem done we all bow and then get seated. (I should add this how now been changed as the king’s son is the reigning monarch.)

Time to sit back and relax (eat some macadamias) and enjoy the movie with Kauri. Well that’s the idea .

The cinema is fairly empty. There’s one other couple in the lounge next to us (or the love seats as they are known) and 2 other people a few rows in front.

The couple next to us is an older guy and his young mistress. Well, this guy us a total douch bag. He won’t sit still and then he starts reading his texts (so in the dark theatre I get them in the side of my peripheral vision.) This went on an off for 10 minutes or more till finally I had enough and said something to him. I’m very respectful of people and personal space (there’s even an ad about turning off your phones before the movie started.) Kauri was happy to move but enough is enough. Which part of turn your phone off don’t you get. Well, I scared him. He didn’t turn it back on again. The funniest part was just before the movie ended or the lights came on he and his lady friend got up and headed for the exits quick smart. I’ve never seen two people move so fast .. I really hope he got the message. Kauri had a laugh.

With the movie done it’s late we’ve decided to grab a coffee before we head off. (I’ve added cream in mine.)

On the way home we’ve stopped off at the local markets. My chicken guy Lurd is there so we buy a cooked chicken.


This gentleman is a great guy I love his laugh he giggles like a school girl. Last nigh he blew me away we were at his stand and he came running around and gave me the biggest hug like a rock star, seriously. I have a few that do this at the markets. Kauri loves it. I feel a little uncomfortable but it’s nice to be treated as part of the community as friends.

We arrive home and it’s late and I’ve just added all the meals to work out my macros.

We weren’t far off at all. My protein goal was great my carbs were low and fats kept me full.



So 200 calories under today. You can go out and enjoy the day and still be within your macros.

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