Week 2 – day 5

Good morning keto rock stars.

I did say this was real life. Today was supposed to be my final workout for the day. Unfortunatelyม we had severe storms hit last night and the thunder kept me awake. It was so friggen loud. It even woke Kauri and gave her such a startle. She almost jumped out of bed.

With lack of sleep I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus. I feel sick. I’m sure there’re two MMA boxers fighting inside my head at the moment. I also have a massive headache and if I train that’s going to evolve into one hell of a migraine. I used to get migraines pre keto and on a scale on 1/10 they were 11. The knife behind the eyeball, the throbbing head, light sensitivity, my jaw and teeth would ache and I’d end up throwing up towards the end.

Since doing keto I have not had a single migraine. I’ve had the odd headache but more so due to reading and eye strain. So at the moment I’m going to salt some water add some ACV and see how I go. (I may even have a nana nap later.)

Hopefully, I can fit the workout in later, but worse case I make today one of the rest days and workout tomorrow. Again it’s no use worrying about what you can’t control.


Today will be Ruled.me jalapeño popper cups. Seriously my favourite.

As per protocol, washed down with a bullet style coffee consisting of one tbsp of both coconut oil and butter.

We’ve also made a Batch ( 4 ) of my world famous peanut butter cups while the jalapeño popper egg cups were cooking.

These are so simple to make.

I haven’t done much today TBH my head is still tight. I’ve sprayed it. Kauri’s rubbed my neck … and still nothing. So it looks like today will be a forced rest days and arms will be tomorrow.

Today we’ve also finished our visa photos and documentation we’ve decided to go to immigration next week to submit paperwork .


Tuna salad and 2 panna cotta today.

This bring my calories to 2000 for the day so far. My protein is a little lower then where I would like it at this stage .

I’ve slept a lot today and still feel like crap. I’ve just woken up and had a chia pudding. 490 calories of creamy chia goodness.


Dinner tonight was roast chicken around 200g, 80g of bok choi and 1 cup of chicken bone broth.



I was just over 3000 calories today (3119.) My fats were over my target and protein ever so slightly below. Considering how I still feel I’m really happy with today. I could have quite easily not eaten .

It’s just occurred to me maybe this headache was brought on by yesterday’s lunch. I didn’t have the fish but I ate the calamari dish. If it had MSG it may have been the trigger. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as asking the staff if it has no MSG.

Well that’s my day. Not very exciting but real life. I still met my macros and targets within reason. Tomorrow will be arm day and it will be intense.

Have a great day. Keto on rockstars.




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