Week 2-day 4

Good morning rocks stars .. I hope everyone’s doing well .

Today I’m going to get something off my chest. I totally get that on IG it’s self promotion and that persons private page ( no argument )  but when promoting” Keto” there has to be some responsibility and accountability when being part of a community. I’m so sick and tired of Ice cream, and cheating posts , and processed food promoted as a keto substitution so me being me I didn’t hold back and posted it .

Why am I so damn passionate or come across self richeous. I’m glad you asked. In my previous post ( my keto journey )  I went into detail but today I’ll d a short version .

My grandfather was and still is my hero . A gentle giant of a man and made friends at the drop of a hat. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone.

Unfotunatly his undoing was that he had a sweet tooth. There was always a pocket of  Arnotts ginger biscuits in the ute and his love of dessert was unfortunately his down fall and his weight increased and became a diabetic as a result .

He was a man of many talents a welder, a mechanic and a very funny guy

The sadest part was just one cut on his toe from a sock (of all things) led to his death.

His Toe became infected, in turn that led to gangrene and his leg had to be amputated. Unfortunately his body didn’t cope and he passed shortly  after the operation .

So this great man my hero had died and so quickly. He survived the operation But the next day his heart failed. I was at work ( an apprentice ) when I got the call. I was such a mess I had to be sent home. ( I had only just come back from visiting him in hospital before his operation ).  I so wish I knew what I know now about diabeties, sugar abuse, even fructose. If I could go back at any point in time it would be 6 months prior .

I have something special for you guys. Nigella you better  sit down .

I came across a Disc I thought I had lost of my dad and it had my pop in it as well. So without further ado

The Big guy on the left is My hero ” poppy Tom” ( I don’t think I ever saw him without his hat on)  next to him is my dad holding me and to the far right is my nan. He still effects me to this day as my eyes start to get watery and wiping tears from my face. He still has such a impact .

I never want to see anyone go through complications of diabeties. So when I see pre packaged crap posted as keto friendly  I get annoyed. And when people follow blindly without reading ingredients it’s suicidal to their weight loss goals . Yes it may not effect you but some it will .

Lets get today logged .


Chest day ( chestickes )

Bodyweight/weighted dips 4 sets 12-15 reps

Dumbbell pullovers 4 sets 12 reps

Incline bench press  3 sets RPT 4-6,6-8,8-10

push ups 3 sets to failure

Decline Bench press 2-3 sets RPT 4-6,6-8,8-10

I’m spent it was a great workout I improved on reps ,I died on decline presses and only managed 2 sets instead of 3 I had nothing left in the tank( pushing another set may lead to injury sometimes you have to know when to stop )

I would usually finish with push ups today I mixed it up a little.

With training  out of the way it’s time for breakfast .

It’s a waffle kinda day

Calories include a Bullet style coffee.

We are low on bacon and eggs so time to do a quick shop. Bacon, eggs, zucchini, unsweetened almond milk, cream, tins of tuna, and some rocket lettuce .

We will also take advantage of the cream and go have a coffee. It’s almost 1:40 pm and I just don’t feel like lunch I’m not hungry at all. But I need to make sure I reach my protein goals today .

Lunch was a total disaster .

My lovely wife ordered fried fish and asked the waitress to have the sauce seperate. So a while later the fish comes out with sauce sitting in the bottom of the plate . So it gets sent back this time it’s the same fish so the sauce is in a seperate bowl but it’s been soaked into the fish. I give up ” you pay peanuts you get monkeys ” is a phrase comes to mind ( so no fried fish today )


I’ll make a shake as it’s 3:30pm 2 scoops protein powder, almond milk,spinach,  30 ml of oil and ice. ( I really wanted to keep clear of the protein  power these days I’m trying to get complete proteins ( real food over incomplete ( missing one or more branch chain amino acids ) .


I also had the 1 1/2 tablespoons of cream in my coffee and some cooked calamari. We are sitting at around 1900 calories .


Dinner tonight was roast chicken, bok choi cooked in bacon fat and tom yum soup. I also finished off with panna cotta for dessert. Not ideal today as I don’t do IIFYM ( if it fits your macros) but today I made the best choices.





Have a great evening everyone.







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  1. Such a sad way to go. I’m sorry 🙁
    On a positive note that waffle looked amazing… and on an annoying note, I would have sent that damn fish back again! Ding dongs

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