Week 2 -day 2

Good morning peeps and Happy Sunday .

Todays overcast in the land of smiles and it’s Leg Day as well. So a double whammy.

Time to Go outside and train legs

Squats- Warm Up Sets 5 sets  reps 10,8,6,3,2

Squats 3 sets ( reverse pyramid) repitions 4-6,6-8,8-10

Leg curls 1 leg 4 sets pyramid 4 sets religions 12,10,8,8

Calf raise seated 5 sets 20 repititions

Bulgarian split 4 sets same weight or pyramids 8 repititions

squats Wall squat 3 sets 30 seconds ( each week add 15 seconds)

I didn’t do deadlifts today but my legs are jelly so good with it .

i should add  with squats I went up in Reps so I’ll go up in weight again next week . Most Leg  exercises I increased in repetitions today .

Its almost 10 Am time to sort my first meal of the day .

Weve pretty much copied last nights dinner . Pork belly,tomarto beans and three eggs for breakfast .This was so good .


As usual this was washed down with a bullet style  coffee so and extra 200+ calories .

well I definitely pushed legs today

I certainly resemble this photo .

I’ve also pinched ( or tested depending on your point of view) on of my wife’s avocado mousse . This was brilliant I know she will be adding these to out recipe index soon

With morning snack done I’ll do some more reading .


Fried chicken and a side salad today .

I also had 2 fat bombs ( our rummy bears ). I’m sitting at 1900 calories at the moment . I’m only 1/2 way towards my protein goal so I’ll have something for afternoon snack to bring that up .

I don’t tend to have many protein shakes these days. But today m going to add one to my meals ( yes I prefer real foods and complete proteins ) . But today it’s convienience .

Coffee, Almond milk, protein powder and nut butter

Im now back on track .

A Little bit more reading and it’s time to prepare dinner.

Chicken stir-fry. I also had a boiled egg on the side


With dinner Finished my macros are completed.


Another great Result . I Have a great evening everyone .


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    1. No you’ll have to wait till next week as I expand the explanation on my workouts. Have to keep my viewers reading the blogs lol

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