Day 7

Good morning keto rockstars.

Todays blog post concludes my first week of documenting my 5 month journey.

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the blog so far. Sit back, relax and enjoying the ride. Each week I’m going to pump the gas a little and add some extra content or expand as we travel down my keto journey.


Today is also the second of my rest/recovery days for the week. (It will change in the months to come.) No workouts, no abdominals. I use this day to reflect, listen to podcasts, music, plan my week ahead and read relevant or controversial information that’s been posted with regards to fitness and keto.

I’m also going to read some more of Jimmy Moore’s book Keto Clarity today.

Lets start with my first meal of the day.

Jalapeños popper egg cups. We have been making double batches lately as they freeze and defrost easily and to be honest one batch just doesn’t last.


I really do love these and they are our go to meal especially when traveling. They are great either served hot or cold.

As always I have a bullet style coffee (again for maintenance) with the butter and coconut oil. This brings my calories to 1079 for the morning.

I’m going to have a plain chia pudding for morning tea.  This consists of cream, coconut cream and chia seeds and sweetener and flavor. Sometimes I’ll even add 1/2 a scoop of protein powder. Again depending on macros.

Calories 491

Protein 3.6g

Fat 51.9g

Net carbs 3.8g

Lunch today will be Fried chicken and salad. What? No Tuna !!



Afternoon snack

Protein mocca shake

Consisting of protein powder, cocoa powder, instant decaf coffee, almond milk and ice (you can also add oil depending on macro requirements.)


Tonight’s dinner is a staple in Thailand. Pork belly and bok choi.



Macros looking great again today.

Have a great evening everyone.

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