Day 6

Morning peeps.

I have good news and bad news this morning.

Good news is today is the first of my two rest days. Bad news I still have abs to do before breakfast.

I’ve started using an Abdominal App it’s available on both iPhone and Android.

I’ve mentioned this in my other post that Kauri (my wife) and I train together. She really is the ying to my yang. Most the times it’s great and enjoyable but this does not apply to abdominals. The aim of an ab workout is to isolate the abdominal muscles. However, this does not  seem to be the objective when we do abs.  It’s 20 minutes of “who can make the other laugh first and lose concentration session ” It’s really hard to train abs while laughing .. But it’s always fun.

With abs done it’s time to cook breakfast. We’ve decided to cook waffles with cream and protein filling and a serving of bacon. Mmmmm bacon!!

What can I say. This was delicious. (The calories also included a bullet style coffee.)

Today is also date night. (Well, for us it’s done during the day.) It’s a great time to get out of the house and spend some quality time together.

I also pack my survival bag (today we packed salami chips, pork crackling (plain with salt) and some cheese (similar to Babybel.) We also take cream to add to the coffee  and a snack pack of olives (it really does pay to prepare ahead.)


With the movie finished (Transformers) we’ve decided to grab a coffee for the road (hence the cream.)

Today’s movie snacks worked out at at 856 calories.

Protein 33.3 g

Fat 78.3 g

Carbs 3 g

With our day almost done . We’ve decided to cook pork belly and bok choi for dinner. I’ve also finished with 2 fat bombs to reach my totals for the day.



Another great day. Macros are great ..


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