Day 5

Good morning peeps.

Today is my last workout of the week.


Seated Dumbbell Curl

Drag curl* this is a brilliant exercise under utilized *

Reverse curl

Standing tricep extensions

Tricep kick backs

Seated  Forearm curls

Concentration curl

A fatanstic workout again today and a great way to end 5 days of training.

Breakfast/first meal;

We’ve made another savory mince today .

Pork mince, Bacon, Capsicum, Tomato, Basil, Oregano, Eggs and Spices.

I’ve also had a Bullet style coffee to finish. This has brought my calaories up to 981.

After writing for a while I’ve decided to test one of Kauri’s snacks she’s been working on for our recipe site (my wife is the dessert queen.) Somedays it’s hard having to force myself to eat this keto goodness but someone has to take one for the team. (You’re welcome!)

I honestly wasn’t sure what I thought so I had the second one (That’s my story and I’m sticking too it) and yes, it was damn good Michelle.

Most of my morning besides writing the blog has been social media, responding to emails, etc and it’s almost lunch time ..

Hmmmm.. what to have for lunch? I know, how about another tuna salad?

Lunch was 396 calories today as I only used one boiled egg.

I’ve been reading Keto Clarity today by a Jimmy Moore. Certainly an  interesting book. I like him on YouTube. I think as a presenter he’s great. It’s a shame many people don’t take him seriously due to his weight fluctuation.

It’s almost 5 pm here and we’ve decided to go out for dinner.

I always laugh when I think we are going to a German restaurant in Thailand. But the Pork knuckle is excellent so this will top my protein for the night. The view so great at night but the music is outdated by about 40 years lol.
As with the past few days the clouds have got dark again so while out we’ve been relocated under the verandah. You’ve heard of big trouble in little China, well, this is big storms in little Germany . Lol

The pork belly wasn’t as good today. Usually the meat falls off the bone easily although you have to agree it looks stunning

The storms hit and we’ve had to batten down the hatches .

We’ve had dinner and a show tonight. We’ve lost power, almost been blown away and the powers gone out again..
And tonight it looks like dinner by floodlight not candlelight.
Well it’s never boring. Honestly you can’t buy this kind of entertainment and it was included for free.
Seriously how good is that ..
So with the pork knuckle devoured and the nights festivities in full swing we are trapped at the moment. In the dark with nowhere to go.. Luckily I can write my while we are here.
I’m using the iPad as my only light source and we still have coffee. And wow, is the coffee strong .. my hairs are standing on the end of my knuckles. I might not sleep tonight and if I’m awake I’ll make sure kauri stays awake .. (the best thing tomorrow is a rest day.)
So much for a quick meal down the road lol.

The rains finally eased and well chance the flooding to get back home.

With so much excitement it’s time to post my daily macros.

Overall another successful day. I said total transparency as I’m still doing maintenance I want to keep my calories this month around 3000 calories. When I got home I was a bit under so I did have a slice of mango to up my calories. (In Thailand we have green mango it’s hard and not very sweet.)

I certainly could have added more fat but I was fairly full.

That’s me done. It was certainly an interesting night but life throws curve balls every so often and how we react and handle these situations defines us.

Keto on rockstars🤘🏻








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