Day 4

Morning peeps. It’s day 4 of my new improved journey ..

Today is chest day or as I like to call it “Chesticles,” 2 chest muscles ..

I’ve already had my morning brew so it’s time to go hit those Chesticles.

Chest workout:

Bodyweight dips with added weight plates

Dumbbell Pullovers

Incline Dumbbell fly

Decline Bench press

Push ups to failure ( 3 sets )

My lifts are still increasing using my endogenous ketones (your body’s natural ketones) as fuel. I went into today with a positive mindset. Yes, the weights were heavy but I did it, concentrated on the muscle visualizing the movement.

10 AM  first meal of the day

Kauri’s chocolate waffles filled with cream and protein powder, bacon and a bullet style coffee.


I’m off to a great start, just over a 1/3 of my daily calories.

I’ve decided to set the cat amongst the pigeons in the IG group today. (Yesterday I bagged Halo ice cream and flavored pork rinds and today I’ve stuck it to exogenous ketones.) By my reasoning that’s 3 strikes I may be voted off the IG island .

So what did I write .. well I’m glad you asked.

I must admit I’m not a fan of exogenous ketones I would rather train your body to use endogenous ketones (what our body makes.) As most of those following know I’m documenting the next 5 months to reach my goal. I’m accountable and everything is documented. So while training this morning I thought those who promote these products on their IG pages, how about backing yourself and what you promote? I agree that there are benefits especially for those who are not fat adapted it’s a work around for some. But what about someone like me? What benefits, if any, will they produce as I’m all ready fat adapted and have been for almost 1 year?

So I’m asking if you are willing to send 5 samples. I will use 1 each week for each specific workout and document. I also want to add I train in a fasted state. I’m willing to put my reputation, effort and passion for keto on the line .. Let’s see who stands behind their product. P.S. I’m in Thailand. Feel free to PM me #exogenousketones #mychallenge #ketomotivation #ketoblogger #privit#ketoos #ketocoach#exogenousketons#Aussiepride

I’m passionate about this way of life, maybe a little over exuberant but I believe in good information, and then let people make their own decisions. I would be interested to see how it impacts my workouts, how my energy levels feel etc.

At the third stroke it will be 11:30.

And im hungry, sore but I feel great .

I’m going to have 30 g of pork rinds just cooked and we add salt.

With some of this blogging done it’s time for lunch.

Anyone want to guess what today’s lunch is ? Anyone ? Tuna salad!


Lunch ticked all the boxes I’m full I’m satisfied and it was tasty.

This afternoon was a bit of research and responding to emails, Facebook and all other social media.


We made plan to go out to dinner but the weather has taken a turn for the worse so we didn’t go out. Luckily we have food on hand which consisted of roast chicken and broccoli cooked in 2 tablespoons of pork fat.

I’ll finish off with 2 fat bombs for the night.



Overall another great day💪🏻


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