Day 3

Morning Peeps☀️

Looks like another great day in Paradise. We had storms overnight so I can get training done this morning.

Back workout

T- bar row

Australian Pull-up

Wide grip Chin -ups

Upright Row

Close grip pull up

Seated row

Again a few improvements today on lifts and reps.

Almost time for my first meal.


Savory Mince. I’ve used curry powder, pork mince, bacon, capsicum, chilli, basil, onion, mushroom, and other spices. Three eggs cracked on top then cover and simmer on low heat ( this is Kauri’s new pan.)

I’ve also added one bullet style coffee, butter, coconut oil to maintain my macros. I’m at 1054 calories for breakfast.

I’ve been writing for a while and I’m going to have a keto friendly snack, pork rinds (around 35 grams.) These are plain, nothing added.

Which brings me to one of the things that frustrate me most with bad information being published as keto. I see so many people post pork rinds as being keto friendly but don’t bother to read the ingredient list and worse keto newbies take this as gospel that it must be  correct.

I’ve just typed in pork rinds on Google and randomly selected a brand. Let’s look at the same brand but two different flavors.


Plain pork rind just have salt. But I see so many post suggesting flavored pork rinds as a keto friendly snack. Many use Maltodextrin in the ingredients.  Maltodextrin is an issue it has a higher glycemic index than sugar this brand also has sugar listed so a double whammy. As consumers  that do keto we need to read labels and understand the ingredients but more so how they effect us individually.

While I’m at it, Halo ice cream is all the rage at the moment. How can anyone who reads the actual ingredients promote this as keto friendly?

So I’ll do the same let’s Google and look at the ingredients of 2 flavored halo ice creams. Let’s look below;


Isn’t the structure of a ketogenic diet to reduce carb, become fat adapted use ketones as fuel as opposed to glucose?

So why would you introduce cane sugar back into your way of life. It really bothers me to see so many posts on both IG and Facebook that this crap is keto friendly and what by saying it’s organic sugar cane that makes it better.

I’m not here to be the keto police but for many especially diabetics certain foods are an issue. I would rather they make informed choices than act on word of mouth.


My go to meal, tuna salad.

This afternoon I was doing more research. Most of my days are spent either researching the latest theories or information on either products or posts.


Fried chicken, bok choi and I finished off with 2 fat bombs and 2 ppanna cotta (again I’m doing maintenance.)


Overall another great day ..






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