My keto journey . Day 1

Hi Guys I’m back ..
For those new to my blog welcome, please don’t read this on a full stomach. Wait at least half an hour and buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
I have 2 speeds– full on and and stop .. so let’s get this show on the road.

I make no apologies and butts may get hurt .. After all, this is my keto journey to reach my goal and this is a record of what works for me and I’m accountable. The only person I have to prove this to is myself.

Keto is not a one size fits all and needs to be adjusted to suit your needs, your requirements, your metabolic issues and lifestyle. I’m not here to follow what works for one person as it may not be suitable for another. I’m here to show how I set up keto, give the best information I can then hopefully, you the readers can take some of the information and use to your advantage.

If you are serious about losing weight you have to understand Macronutrients. You need to know how many calories your consuming and stay within your targets.

How can people honestly expect the optimal results if they are guessing the calories or fats they’ve consumed .. I heard the term Lazy keto .. After all, it was being Lazy that got me overweight in the first place.

We have all seen the basic pie chart. You see so many show their macros in percentages; protein 15-20%, fats 75% or higher and carbs 4-5 % ( let’s just call this 25g as most  people set their carbohydrates between 20-25 g.)

But this is a standard chart. Again this can vary depending on your metabolism or metabolic conditions. Did you know there are  actually 4 stages of keto ?

Macro calculations can be easy calculated and there are many good calculators available.
I use keto buddy it’s easy to use (link provided.)
The other thing you will need to know is your body fat percentage. The diagrams are an indication but here’s another great link to give you an idea of your bodyfat rather than a guesstimate.

So let’s get started. I’ll set up my macros.
So I’ll base the next 5 months using these calculators, tape measures. And finally body fat calipers.
The Body fat calculator has me at 13% so we will use this as a guide.( I’m actually less but I have a thin neck.)

My weigh-in this morning is 221 pounds and I will weigh in every 2 weeks on the 17th of every month (as my goal date ) and the last day of the month.
I’ve entered my data below (using the 13% body fat.)


Various deficits for weight loss Small,Medium, Large


My maintenance calories are 3012 (as shown in the first pie chart.)
*Protein 153 g equals 612 calories.
*Fat 256g equals 2304 calories.
Carbs 25 g equals 100 calories.

it actually works out at 3016 not 3112

We know that protein has 4 calories per gram.
Carbohydrates 4 calories per gram.
And fats 9 calories per gram.
Also remember protein is a variable. It can be set between 0.64 -0.8 g per pound of lean muscle mass. The body fat indicator has my lean mass at 192 so my protein can range between 122 g – 153 g. ( 0.64-0.8) as my training is intense, I keep it around 153 g of protein.

I will continue to do maintenance for the duration of the month (in this case the 17th -17th.)
When tracking macros it is important to remember that you are looking at your requirements in grams. Not percentages of a meal. So my goals are 153 g of protein each day. (I want to aim for this amount.)
My net carbs do not go above this. It’s my limit of 25 g per day (fine to be under) so 25 g or less.
My fats are a variable. You need essential good quality fats to keep you full as ketones are your energy and you need a certain amount of calories based on your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure.) If you are underfeeding your metabolism will slow and you can actually gain weight. However fat is not your goal, especially with weight loss. You can be under your target on fats. You don’t have to reach 100% of your fats unless your goal is maintenance or weight gain.
Example: My fats are 256 g a day if I consume 220 g and I’m full I don’t need to consume the extra 36 g (324 calories.)

If you look at the charts above, for weight loss my proteins and carbs have not changed, the fat is the variable in my case 236-216-192 grams depending on how much of a deficit I use for weight loss.

Remember protein is your goal, carbs your limit and fats your lever .

I now know my macro requirements.  I know how many calories, proteins, carbs and fats in grams I require each day for maintenance.

My normal training week is from Saturday – Wednesday (weights.)
The main reason for this is living in Asia if we go away on a weekend you pay weekend rates and have more traffic on the road.
I train 5 days a week and usually incorporate some form of cardio on one or both of my workouts.
Saturday – shoulders
Sunday – legs
Monday – back
Tuesday – chest
Wednesday- arms

I also include 3 abdominal workouts each week in the evening.
My workouts are usually around 1 hour 20 minutes. (I will also explain why when I cover my workouts in more depth.)

Day one.

Good morning peeps. It’s day 1 of my journey. It’s 6am. The birds are chirping and looks like a nice day .. there  even drums beating in the background from the party down the road.

Alright let’s get today day 1 logged.
I do not take supplements when I train. I don’t have a pre or post workout shake and I actually train in a fasted state ( I finish dinner around 6 pm and my first meal is around 10ish.)
I’ll cover supplements later .
I do usually have two drinks. The first is a peach flavor Twinings teabag and I add 1 tablespoon of ACV.
There are many reported benefits to drinking ACV. I’m not diabetic but I found it did give me a weight drop. It has scientifically been proven to lower blood sugar and I love the taste.
My second drink is a decaf coffee I have this when I train.Be careful with Decaf coffee some do actually have carbs.

My Gym is outdoors. It’s currently 7:30 am, 28 degrees and time to go out side and feed the mosquitoes.

I mentioned earlier today’s workout is shoulders (I will go into depth on each workout with regards to sets, reps, rest periods as the week’s progress.) This workout will go for around 1 Hour and 20 minutes.

Shoulder workout

Warm up ( 5 minutes)

Side lateral raise

Military press

Upright row

Dumbbell  Front raise

Seated rear delt

Standing 1-arm Arnold press

*Pull ups

*Pullups don’t specifically target the shoulders, but because pullups strengthen the muscles around the shoulders, many people find that their shoulders get stronger with pullups. You can increase the shoulder-strengthening potential of a pullup by altering your grip.

Today’s shoulder workout was excellent. I also had some increases in strength again today on certain lifts. Every 8 weeks I either rotate the order or change the exercises so the muscles don’t adapt to my  workouts.

It’s just after 9 am so I’m writing here for an hour as I’m still fasting till around 10 am.


Jalapeño egg popper cups – this is recipe and I absolutely love these hot or cold. It’s a staple. I’m also craving a side salad to go with it .

First meal down I’ve also had a bullet style coffee with 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon oil. This is only because I’m doing maintenance. This will bring me over 1000 calories.

We are just heading out for a few hours to do some grocery  shopping. We’ve bought some staples, bacon, 2 dozen eggs, egg white, tins of tuna, almond milk, cream , cream cheese and some wholegrain mustard for the salads. We will also  walk across the road to pick up a coffee  adding some fresh cream( about 1 1/2 tablespoons) from today’s shop while using the  free WiFi.

Lunch today is around 2:30. I’m still not that hungry but again I’m doing maintenance.

Lunch consists of a protein shake, 1 scoop of protein powder,  180ml of almond milk,  unsweetened cocoa powder, ice and a couple of drops of toffee stevia (the old days I would also add peanut butter.)

I also had 2 boiled eggs, two baby cheese, 30 g of pork rinds and 1 panna cotta. Lucy I wasn’t hungry lol. Needless to say I’m satiated.

My total calories for lunch 992

Protein 52.3

Fats 82.8

Net carbs 8.7

It would certainly been a lot less work and tell you I had a tuna salad but that’s not me.  I said from the beginning I will be honest and accountable, Complete transparency.

The next couple of hours were spent writing. This brings me to the Last supper.

My last meal of the day.

Sorry, no photo of tonight’s meal.

220g of salmon, 70 grams of green beans and 10g of cherry tomato. This was finished off with 33 g of macadamia nuts.


Let’s have a look at my Macros for the day

My calories were spot on ..

Calories 3008 ( I know my initial calories said 3012 but this is from the same keto app. It had my macros at 3008.) What’s 1 g of protein between friends.

Protein: my goal was 153. I reached 145.9

Fats: 256 I was slightly above at 259

Net carbs: I allowed for 25 I was 18.5

About as close as you can get ..

For my first day I knocked it out of the ball park. It pays to track and prepare where you can.








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  1. Thanks for this, very informative.
    I will check out the keto app on the weekend, how you describe it, it looks more logical to use for lowcarb (I do use myfitnesspal, not tracking anymore for a long time and stalling for a few weeks now, I know I should track again) and do consider to add ASV to my water…not sure how and when yet, I will read the link you provided.
    Thanks 🙂

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