Week 2 Day 6

Good morning peeps.

Today was another milestone– 700 followers on Instagram. So me being me I had to do a meme.

I really appreciate the friendship and support as we follow one another’s journey the camaraderie is overwhelming.

I still feel physically drained this morning. I’m still going to train but I need some inspiration so I’ll read some IG posts. I’ve always said use those who inspire and motivate to help you reach your goals. Those who make the impossible a reality.

Well it’s happened again as soon as I support and follow people back on IG  they then unfollow. There are many apps that show people who unfollow you (and I have one and I’m not afraid to use it.) It doesn’t bother me if people don’t like your posts or pages and unfollow you but to follow just to get numbers, well, that’s just childish.

So I posted my rant on IG and moved on.

Today I certainly feel better than yesterday although as I said earlier I feel drained. Today would have been my first of two non-training days but due to my forced day off yesterday, today is my last workout.


Seated Curl: warm up sets 10,8,6

Seated incline dumbbell curl: RPT 4-6,6-8,8-10

Reverse barbell curl: 4 sets 8 reps

Drag curl: 4 sets 8 reps ( these are nasty bu

Concentration curl: 3 sets 10 reps

Tricep kick backs: 4 sets 12 reps

Standing tricep extensions: 4 sets 10 reps

Diamond push-ups:  3 sets to failure

Wrist curls: 4-5 sets 6-10 reps

With training complete, it’s almost time for our first meal.

Pancakes with coconut cream and protein powder filling (with lime zest), bacon (with tomato and jalapeño.)

This included the Bullet Coffee (around 220 calories.)

Morning snack was one of our peanut butter cups.

Lunch is the usual – Tuna salad.  I always use the large tin. It’s about 140g of tuna.

I also had one panna cotta with lunch.

Did anyone notice we didn’t go on out date today?  The movie we wanted to see is on late today (English version) so we will head off tomorrow. It’s alway on earlier on the Friday.

This afternoon was low key. I read a little, watched some YouTube, checked on our Facebook groups and relaxed with Kauri.


Tonight’s dinner was pork belly and bok choi cooked in bacon fat.

Such a wonderful meal. The bok choi really glistens in the bacon fat.


Another great day. Workout was fantastic, the food incredible and tomorrow is date night with Kauri.

Week 2 – day 5

Good morning keto rock stars.

I did say this was real life. Today was supposed to be my final workout for the day. Unfortunatelyม we had severe storms hit last night and the thunder kept me awake. It was so friggen loud. It even woke Kauri and gave her such a startle. She almost jumped out of bed.

With lack of sleep I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus. I feel sick. I’m sure there’re two MMA boxers fighting inside my head at the moment. I also have a massive headache and if I train that’s going to evolve into one hell of a migraine. I used to get migraines pre keto and on a scale on 1/10 they were 11. The knife behind the eyeball, the throbbing head, light sensitivity, my jaw and teeth would ache and I’d end up throwing up towards the end.

Since doing keto I have not had a single migraine. I’ve had the odd headache but more so due to reading and eye strain. So at the moment I’m going to salt some water add some ACV and see how I go. (I may even have a nana nap later.)

Hopefully, I can fit the workout in later, but worse case I make today one of the rest days and workout tomorrow. Again it’s no use worrying about what you can’t control.


Today will be Ruled.me jalapeño popper cups. Seriously my favourite.

As per protocol, washed down with a bullet style coffee consisting of one tbsp of both coconut oil and butter.

We’ve also made a Batch ( 4 ) of my world famous peanut butter cups while the jalapeño popper egg cups were cooking.

These are so simple to make.

I haven’t done much today TBH my head is still tight. I’ve sprayed it. Kauri’s rubbed my neck … and still nothing. So it looks like today will be a forced rest days and arms will be tomorrow.

Today we’ve also finished our visa photos and documentation we’ve decided to go to immigration next week to submit paperwork .


Tuna salad and 2 panna cotta today.

This bring my calories to 2000 for the day so far. My protein is a little lower then where I would like it at this stage .

I’ve slept a lot today and still feel like crap. I’ve just woken up and had a chia pudding. 490 calories of creamy chia goodness.


Dinner tonight was roast chicken around 200g, 80g of bok choi and 1 cup of chicken bone broth.



I was just over 3000 calories today (3119.) My fats were over my target and protein ever so slightly below. Considering how I still feel I’m really happy with today. I could have quite easily not eaten .

It’s just occurred to me maybe this headache was brought on by yesterday’s lunch. I didn’t have the fish but I ate the calamari dish. If it had MSG it may have been the trigger. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as asking the staff if it has no MSG.

Well that’s my day. Not very exciting but real life. I still met my macros and targets within reason. Tomorrow will be arm day and it will be intense.

Have a great day. Keto on rockstars.




Week 2-day 4

Good morning rocks stars .. I hope everyone’s doing well .

Today I’m going to get something off my chest. I totally get that on IG it’s self promotion and that persons private page ( no argument )  but when promoting” Keto” there has to be some responsibility and accountability when being part of a community. I’m so sick and tired of Ice cream, and cheating posts , and processed food promoted as a keto substitution so me being me I didn’t hold back and posted it .

Why am I so damn passionate or come across self richeous. I’m glad you asked. In my previous post ( my keto journey )  I went into detail but today I’ll d a short version .

My grandfather was and still is my hero . A gentle giant of a man and made friends at the drop of a hat. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone.

Unfotunatly his undoing was that he had a sweet tooth. There was always a pocket of  Arnotts ginger biscuits in the ute and his love of dessert was unfortunately his down fall and his weight increased and became a diabetic as a result .

He was a man of many talents a welder, a mechanic and a very funny guy

The sadest part was just one cut on his toe from a sock (of all things) led to his death.

His Toe became infected, in turn that led to gangrene and his leg had to be amputated. Unfortunately his body didn’t cope and he passed shortly  after the operation .

So this great man my hero had died and so quickly. He survived the operation But the next day his heart failed. I was at work ( an apprentice ) when I got the call. I was such a mess I had to be sent home. ( I had only just come back from visiting him in hospital before his operation ).  I so wish I knew what I know now about diabeties, sugar abuse, even fructose. If I could go back at any point in time it would be 6 months prior .

I have something special for you guys. Nigella you better  sit down .

I came across a Disc I thought I had lost of my dad and it had my pop in it as well. So without further ado

The Big guy on the left is My hero ” poppy Tom” ( I don’t think I ever saw him without his hat on)  next to him is my dad holding me and to the far right is my nan. He still effects me to this day as my eyes start to get watery and wiping tears from my face. He still has such a impact .

I never want to see anyone go through complications of diabeties. So when I see pre packaged crap posted as keto friendly  I get annoyed. And when people follow blindly without reading ingredients it’s suicidal to their weight loss goals . Yes it may not effect you but some it will .

Lets get today logged .


Chest day ( chestickes )

Bodyweight/weighted dips 4 sets 12-15 reps

Dumbbell pullovers 4 sets 12 reps

Incline bench press  3 sets RPT 4-6,6-8,8-10

push ups 3 sets to failure

Decline Bench press 2-3 sets RPT 4-6,6-8,8-10

I’m spent it was a great workout I improved on reps ,I died on decline presses and only managed 2 sets instead of 3 I had nothing left in the tank( pushing another set may lead to injury sometimes you have to know when to stop )

I would usually finish with push ups today I mixed it up a little.

With training  out of the way it’s time for breakfast .

It’s a waffle kinda day

Calories include a Bullet style coffee.

We are low on bacon and eggs so time to do a quick shop. Bacon, eggs, zucchini, unsweetened almond milk, cream, tins of tuna, and some rocket lettuce .

We will also take advantage of the cream and go have a coffee. It’s almost 1:40 pm and I just don’t feel like lunch I’m not hungry at all. But I need to make sure I reach my protein goals today .

Lunch was a total disaster .

My lovely wife ordered fried fish and asked the waitress to have the sauce seperate. So a while later the fish comes out with sauce sitting in the bottom of the plate . So it gets sent back this time it’s the same fish so the sauce is in a seperate bowl but it’s been soaked into the fish. I give up ” you pay peanuts you get monkeys ” is a phrase comes to mind ( so no fried fish today )


I’ll make a shake as it’s 3:30pm 2 scoops protein powder, almond milk,spinach,  30 ml of oil and ice. ( I really wanted to keep clear of the protein  power these days I’m trying to get complete proteins ( real food over incomplete ( missing one or more branch chain amino acids ) .


I also had the 1 1/2 tablespoons of cream in my coffee and some cooked calamari. We are sitting at around 1900 calories .


Dinner tonight was roast chicken, bok choi cooked in bacon fat and tom yum soup. I also finished off with panna cotta for dessert. Not ideal today as I don’t do IIFYM ( if it fits your macros) but today I made the best choices.





Have a great evening everyone.







Week 2- day 3

Morning Peeps.

Today’s been a crappy morning literally and physically. Last night I had a bit of a tummy upset and also this morning. So no ab work the last 2 days and today is my back workout.

So with butt cheeks clenched let’s do this.


Australian Pull-ups: 5 sets 20 reps( with added weight)

Wide grip pull-ups: 3 sets 10 reps

T-Bar Row: 3 sets RP ( reverse pyramid) 6,8,10

Upright rows: 4 sets 10 reps

Pull-ups: 3 sets 10 reps

Seated Row: 4 sets 10-12 reps

Again a few increases in reps today, which surprised me considering how I felt.

With training over with, it’s time for my first meal.

Chicken, basil, tomato Thai omelette.


This bad boy really hit the spot; three eggs ,egg white, 100g of chicken, tomato and basil .. soooooo good. As always topped off with one bullet coffee (this will go once I’m in a deficit again .. Sorry, it’s empty calories)

Last night I made a decision to unfollow a few people on IG. For me personally it’s not a popularity contest to see who gets the most followers.

Its nothing personal I just can’t follow something if I don’t believe in it. I personally Beleive the way these products  are being promoted passes on the wrong message and it’s deceptive and marketing it as the next best thing or a must have . . Here’s a reply I now sent to one of them when the follow or PM me


Some days I like to play along.

I see it this way with exogenous ketones……

Your tricking your body to do something that you can easily do naturally  (endogenous ketones) rather than quick fix with a short term solution. If I followed that analagery on exogenous ketones I might as well have taken steroids rather than put the hard work in when I train.(Everyone seems to want an easy way out.)

I also love that all of these people that promote and PM others about how they use exogenous ketones and how wonderful it truly is a godsend. Not one of them took me up on my challange to supply me 5 free samples so I could self test and write an unbiased report. At least every thing I do I back it 100% and leave myself open to the scrutiny of everyone that follows.

Ive also decided to not only unfollow those who promote and push exogenous ketones but I’m going to block as well this also applies to those that follow to get numbers then unfollow .

This week is the time when I submit my 12 month visa renewal. So a little bit of running around and red tape.

It’s just one of those things we have to do every year. Most of this morning was finding bank statements, taking passport photo, filling out paper work.


Time for my staple. You guessed it, Tuna salad. I also had 2 boiled eggs and three panna cotta.

I’ve just hit 1902 calories with 2 meals. Not bad at all.

Time to get some more photos done for the yearly visa. Bedroom, in front of the house, kitchen, dining room (We have to be in all of them.)

It’s been a productive day and we’ve even managed to write a little bit today.

It’s time for dinner. Fried chicken, garlic and pepper with a side dish of bok choi. I’ve finished the meal with hazelnuts and two fat bombs

Today’s macros;


Another day done and dusted.















Week 2 -day 2

Good morning peeps and Happy Sunday .

Todays overcast in the land of smiles and it’s Leg Day as well. So a double whammy.

Time to Go outside and train legs

Squats- Warm Up Sets 5 sets  reps 10,8,6,3,2

Squats 3 sets ( reverse pyramid) repitions 4-6,6-8,8-10

Leg curls 1 leg 4 sets pyramid 4 sets religions 12,10,8,8

Calf raise seated 5 sets 20 repititions

Bulgarian split 4 sets same weight or pyramids 8 repititions

squats Wall squat 3 sets 30 seconds ( each week add 15 seconds)

I didn’t do deadlifts today but my legs are jelly so good with it .

i should add  with squats I went up in Reps so I’ll go up in weight again next week . Most Leg  exercises I increased in repetitions today .

Its almost 10 Am time to sort my first meal of the day .

Weve pretty much copied last nights dinner . Pork belly,tomarto beans and three eggs for breakfast .This was so good .


As usual this was washed down with a bullet style  coffee so and extra 200+ calories .

well I definitely pushed legs today

I certainly resemble this photo .

I’ve also pinched ( or tested depending on your point of view) on of my wife’s avocado mousse . This was brilliant I know she will be adding these to out recipe index soon

With morning snack done I’ll do some more reading .


Fried chicken and a side salad today .

I also had 2 fat bombs ( our rummy bears ). I’m sitting at 1900 calories at the moment . I’m only 1/2 way towards my protein goal so I’ll have something for afternoon snack to bring that up .

I don’t tend to have many protein shakes these days. But today m going to add one to my meals ( yes I prefer real foods and complete proteins ) . But today it’s convienience .

Coffee, Almond milk, protein powder and nut butter

Im now back on track .

A Little bit more reading and it’s time to prepare dinner.

Chicken stir-fry. I also had a boiled egg on the side


With dinner Finished my macros are completed.


Another great Result . I Have a great evening everyone .