Day 123 -a new beginning

Pinch and a punch …..I got Kauri at 2:30 am this

I’m going to make a few changes to the blog starting from today.

I’m going to change my blog posts from daily to weekly due to many reasons. I think this is a better option for those who read it. This will hopefully give a more exciting content for our readers.

The maid is off again today so Kauri has to fill in.  It pisses me off as there is no consideration that we may have had plans today .. I’m really over it. And the fact I’m powerless to say or do anything due to the culture is stressful.

With Kauri looking after her majesty I will brave the mosquitoes and train alone today.

Back training

I will train outside today. I tend to hear less of Kauri’s mum this way.



One-arm rows

Australian pull-ups (yes, there is such a thing) would an Aussie lie ?

Bent over rows

Upright rows

Still around 1 hour 20 minutes.

l have also started taking BCAA today (branched chain amino acids.) 1 before training and 1 after apparently this reduces soreness.

I also want to debunk the effectiveness of BCAA supplements and the people that promote them.

They really aren’t needed as a supplement. It’s money wasted   ..  There has been no conclusive study to their benefit. The only clinical testing showing any advantage of taking these is in a fasted state and advising  they may assist some individuals.

5 Supplements Not Worth Taking (And Why!)

I will also have a post workout shake, .1/2 scoop of protein powder and water with another 5 g of BCAA.

This to show that protein timing isn’t as critical as we’ve been led to believe.

Workout is done and dusted ..

I forgot to recap last month

Today my weight is 220 pounds. I gained a few pounds (3 to be precise.) Last  week I was only 0.4 pounds heavier from my starting weight of 217 pounds. (I have had some fruit the past week after training to see what effects it has, but still stayed under my daily net carbs of  45 g.)

My body fat is currently 10.04% .I’m up from last month I was just under 9%.  From my calculations I’ve lost 1 pound of muscle and gained 2 pounds of fat. So much for keto being muscle sparing

My experiment with cycling calories (in the form of fat) really made no difference to my results this month. Don’t forget I was already consuming surplus calories.

Calorie cycling would work fine if you were hungrier on training days as long as your weekly calories remain the same and your fat was adjusted accordingly.

I’m going to reduce calories this month so I’ll do a deficit .. I want to see how quickly the weight drops using a moderate calorie reduction calculated from Keto Buddy. No smoke and mirrors and definitely no cheating ..

My protein is the same as before, the carbs will be limited to 25 g.  It’s only the fats that change. Therefore that’s the lever (lightbulb moment, right/)

Macro calculation based on Keto Buddy:

Starting today my calories will drop from 3600 to 2767.


Waffles, thickened cream, protein powder and decaf .. not a great keto example but keto nontheless.


Tuna salad, wholegrain mustard, olive oil, lime, tomato, onion lettuce and spinach.


Kauri’s “World Famous” pork belly and greens.


20 g of hazelnuts

Homemade jelly

Today’s macros:


Catch you guys next week.




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