May week 1

Good morning peeps, I hope everyone had a fantastic week.

So without further ado, let’s get this party started.


Chest workout went well. There was no impact to my workout with less calories today. I still made some gains in my lifts.
Today I have already lost 1.2 pounds. I don’t get why people decide to wing it then rather than take the time to calculate the daly requirements then they compare and complain they are not losing weight fast enough. Metabolism and metabolic disorders certainly play a part but people have to remember in most cases the weight gain has been over years and years. Be happy with every pound lost.

Today Kauri and I have also been working on a new recipe the FNH fat bomb with just the right amount of fresh chillies .. I’m also going to turn up the heat and add Carolina Reaper chillies once they are  ready .. The world’s hottest chilli .. Call me mad or call me Greg. The choice is yours ..

Weight still dropping this morning I’m 217 pounds .
Bicep workout was excellent and had to be split into a morning and evening routine as I was having just way too much fun.
Had a fantastic morning with Kauri. We went for coffee by the river. It was a nice relaxing couple of hours.

We would have stayed longer but there’s a 2 hour maximum on the table even if you kept ordering so we are off to the shopping complex next.

We looked around for an hour and then headed home for my  triceps workout then dinner. Macros today were spot on.


Today was so different to yesterday. I was going to get a haircut and arrived at 10. In typical Thai fashion no one’s here. We waited round for 10 -15 minutes then left after we found out he wasn’t opening till 11:30. (Even the sign on the door said opening hours from 10 am.)
No movie today. Every movie is in Thai but we still went to the shopping center and get some staples. Stocked up on Kerrygold butter as well .

We finally did the comparison between the Kerrygold butter and the New Zealand Anchor butter.

The Kerrygold is definitely milder in taste and softer to cut.

We had a late lunch around 2:30 consisting of pork belly and greens cooked in bacon fat.

We’ve had storms hit overnight and throughout the early morning
I hope this isn’t an indication of things to come.
Today I get my test results.
The appointment was for 1:30. An hour later we finally get to see the doctor.
My GFR rate is very good so my kidneys for that function are OK.
My BUN is higher than it should be 7-20 and mine is 23.
This can be also due to dehydration or high protein diets and mine is around 0.8g per pound of lean body mass.
I have protein +1 in my urine again associated with my BUN
So I’ll drop the protein to a lower level (154-124) and drink more water and retest in 6 months.
My creatinine levels also were within a healthy range and my fasted blood sugar was 95.

So typical doctor
There’s ketones in my urine.
My cholesterol is high.
My LDL high and if I was a Thai person he would put me on medication. It frustrates me that what most doctors do reach for the pills rather than see what’s the cause.
For keto my results are fine my HDL and triglycerides are good levels.
So overall my results were better than expected.

I was expecting a lot worse.
It’s been a long day more so the waiting. We’ve been out since 10 am and I even got my haircut .. I look like a boy band member.

Rather than cook dinner it’s back to the German restaurant to up my protein level (well my new lower level of protein.)

The pork knuckle here is really good.

Training went well, another good workout. Shoulders.
This is a new month so my workouts will be changed around (muscle confusion.)

I added a new exercise.  Michelle, this one’s for you– front plate twist.

We are going to head out for a coffee. I’ve got cream from the shop next door.
I also pulled apart my lap top and want to see if the hard drive can have the data retrieved.
There’s a little shop in this village and the guy’s and ex-computer tech so it would also be great to get to know him.
It went well. I’ve purchased an adaptor for the drive and ordered some switches so I can fix the remotes for the electric gate.  He also fixes iPads, etc. so I’ll get him to check the connectors.

Leg day .. I really, really hate leg days.

Squats, squats and more squats today. Goal achieved, we officially have jelly legs.
Our fry up.. this is so good seriously tasty. Bacon, eggs, zucchini, garlic powder, onion, tomato, salt and pepper cooked in bacon grease.


We’ve decided to go under the bridge for lunch today. I absolutely love the pork belly here .. Kauri doesn’t really eat this so this bad boy’s all mine.


So the week week in review;

My weight went up and down like a roller coaster even when consuming 1000 less calories a day. Also I’ve been drinking a lot more water. I’m peeing more than ever lol ..

My weight started at 219.8 and over the week it’s been a roller coaster.

I’m back down to 218.6.

Overall an interesting week. I was surprised how my weight went back up so quickly after 3 days of 2400 calories. Had my body slowed down my metabolism that quickly ? I can relate to someone saying they tried keto failed and when restarted again the weight loss wasn’t as rapid .

Just goes to show you can do everything by the book yet the results are different to what you expect.

The advantage with the smaller calories is I can consume these in 2-3 meals as opposed to 3 meals and 2 snacks.

Have a great week .. we will be off to the ruins of Ayuthaya next week so some great photos to follow.





Day 123 -a new beginning

Pinch and a punch …..I got Kauri at 2:30 am this

I’m going to make a few changes to the blog starting from today.

I’m going to change my blog posts from daily to weekly due to many reasons. I think this is a better option for those who read it. This will hopefully give a more exciting content for our readers.

The maid is off again today so Kauri has to fill in.  It pisses me off as there is no consideration that we may have had plans today .. I’m really over it. And the fact I’m powerless to say or do anything due to the culture is stressful.

With Kauri looking after her majesty I will brave the mosquitoes and train alone today.

Back training

I will train outside today. I tend to hear less of Kauri’s mum this way.



One-arm rows

Australian pull-ups (yes, there is such a thing) would an Aussie lie ?

Bent over rows

Upright rows

Still around 1 hour 20 minutes.

l have also started taking BCAA today (branched chain amino acids.) 1 before training and 1 after apparently this reduces soreness.

I also want to debunk the effectiveness of BCAA supplements and the people that promote them.

They really aren’t needed as a supplement. It’s money wasted   ..  There has been no conclusive study to their benefit. The only clinical testing showing any advantage of taking these is in a fasted state and advising  they may assist some individuals.

5 Supplements Not Worth Taking (And Why!)

I will also have a post workout shake, .1/2 scoop of protein powder and water with another 5 g of BCAA.

This to show that protein timing isn’t as critical as we’ve been led to believe.

Workout is done and dusted ..

I forgot to recap last month

Today my weight is 220 pounds. I gained a few pounds (3 to be precise.) Last  week I was only 0.4 pounds heavier from my starting weight of 217 pounds. (I have had some fruit the past week after training to see what effects it has, but still stayed under my daily net carbs of  45 g.)

My body fat is currently 10.04% .I’m up from last month I was just under 9%.  From my calculations I’ve lost 1 pound of muscle and gained 2 pounds of fat. So much for keto being muscle sparing

My experiment with cycling calories (in the form of fat) really made no difference to my results this month. Don’t forget I was already consuming surplus calories.

Calorie cycling would work fine if you were hungrier on training days as long as your weekly calories remain the same and your fat was adjusted accordingly.

I’m going to reduce calories this month so I’ll do a deficit .. I want to see how quickly the weight drops using a moderate calorie reduction calculated from Keto Buddy. No smoke and mirrors and definitely no cheating ..

My protein is the same as before, the carbs will be limited to 25 g.  It’s only the fats that change. Therefore that’s the lever (lightbulb moment, right/)

Macro calculation based on Keto Buddy:

Starting today my calories will drop from 3600 to 2767.


Waffles, thickened cream, protein powder and decaf .. not a great keto example but keto nontheless.


Tuna salad, wholegrain mustard, olive oil, lime, tomato, onion lettuce and spinach.


Kauri’s “World Famous” pork belly and greens.


20 g of hazelnuts

Homemade jelly

Today’s macros:


Catch you guys next week.