Day 120

Good morning everyone.

This morning I’ve decided to retest my blood pressure at home. Iwill do it at around 8 AM as I’m not training today.

My reading was 125-72, still slightly high but a huge difference from yesterday’s 145/80. I didn’t feel stressed. Well, I thought I wasn’t stressed but I don’t like hospitals .. I never have and never will.

Today is my second non workout day and I haven’t been for a walk in ages either. I need to do something about that.


Kauri just made a batch of jalapeño poppers. The smell coming out of the kitchen is incredible.

Three poppers and a decaf will be my breakfast today.

Lunch was simple and low key;

Salami, olives and some cheese. I’m not usually a cheese eater but it does go well with the spicy salami.


We’ve decided (well, more so I have) to enjoy life more, spend it with those you care about. I thought up a quote yesterday:

“While we have no control over how long we live we do on the way we live it ..”

So we are back to the German restaurant tonight.

I’m low on protein and need a fix.

Pork knuckle and German sausages will come to my rescue. Yes that’s just for me ..


Dinner was great and the company was even better. I didn’t have the sauce or obviously the potatoes..And washed down with water ..Kauri had seafood spaghetti and mussels and beer.




12 calories under today, not bad at all ..


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