Day 119

Today I’m nervous .. I’ve been putting off getting my kidneys tested for some  time. Even smart people do stupid things.
The funny thing is the symptoms came and went. That’s why I never got them tested .. but still no excuses..

Yesterday I did a quick refresh on the 5 stages of kidney failure. It’s not to be negative but to be informed, to know what I’m looking at if there is an issue.
This is calculated on the GFR

GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate. GFR is a measure of how well your kidneys filter blood.
So at 7:30 this morning I will finally get my blood and urine tested and wait around a few hours for the results.
A score of 90 or above is ideal.

I forgot to mention just because you make an appointment for 7:30, it doesn’t mean you will be tested at that time..8:30 and it’s time to start testing.

I’d like to be positive but I’m not. My blood pressure is high
My first reading was 148/80.  I redid it and still 138/80. Before keto I was around 120/80. WTF!!!

High blood pressure is a symptom also associated with kidney failure ..
Time to get blood drawn. I hate needles yet I’m ok with going to get a few tattoos. It’s not the prick or seeing the blood. It’s the anticipation.
Blood’s done time to go pee in a sterile jar.
I’ve had to hold on since 7:00am.
It’s now 8:45.
Ah! the relief of having a pee… ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Next exam will be chest X-ray ..We have to go upstairs for this one.
I change into a blue buttonless shirt with straps. Yep, it just oozes sex appeal .. 2 minutes later that’s done.
And finally we have to do a ECG.  Back downstairs. At least we get a bit of cardio today.

It’s 9:20. Lucky I’m used to fasting .. I’m waiting with about 20 patients  to get the ECG and then we are finished with the tests.

My first ECG. Suction cups, hand grips ankles strapped. I’ve never tried any bondage but is this close? I think the nurse enjoyed her job a little to much. If she bought out the rubber chicken I was making a run for the exits.
Well, no issue with ECG. That looks good.
Today I’ve been pricked, prodded and suction cupped. 3 hours later I’m done.

So, for 1650 baht or $45 AUD you get the following tests
BUN, Creatine
Uric Acid
Chest x-ray
The bad news is it takes a week to get the results so I’ll find out how far I’m up shit creek on Friday and if I need a bigger paddle.
I did bring the survival bag but I’ll wait .. and wait..

Going to have a quick meal at the canteen, 180g of pork belly and some bone broth .. it was really good. Kauri had fried noodles. There has been a lot of upgrades to the hospital. You can buy clothes, food as well as many coffee shops and even a guy playing piano in the foyer.

With brunch done we are off to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

I’ve got macadamias and salami and even a boiled egg.

The movie I give 6/10. Baby Groot was the star of this  movie.

It’s been a long day and time to head home.


Tonight I’m having minced pork in green curry and for dessert we have chia pudding with some blueberry.



What’s great is that I still reached my macros and considering we were out most the day. It pays to plan where you can and pick the best options available to you.

So what did I learn today?

I am Groot!

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