Day 118

Last workout of the week ..and then two days of R and R.

Splitsville ..

Bicep this morning then triceps in the afternoon.


Standing curls

Reverse bicep curl with Olympic bar

Seated incline dumbbell  curls

Twisting dumbbell curls drop sets

Wrist curls

That was intense. I went up on every set today, so great gains .. but today was weird. The first time I ever felt like throwing up during a workout. It wasn’t due to the intensity either.

One and a half hour later and bicep training is done ..

Time to organize Breakfast


Scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado. We managed to source a few but they are so small and $2 each. I was actually reading yesterday that drug cartels are interested in farming avocados as there is good money to be made from these crops ..

Washed down with bullet decaf (only to bring calories up.)


Roast chicken and a large green salad, vinaigrette made with mustard, olive oil and lime juice.

Afternoon snack was 2 panna cotta.

Today was one of those days I didn’t get my tricep part of the workout done this afternoon. The day seemed to slip away and I didn’t plan it very well.


Dinner was later tonight than usual.

Kauri’s ‘world famous’ pork belly and spinach fried in bacon grease.



I’m a little under calories today but I have to get some testing done tomorrow at the hospital so this will be of my calories .. luckily I’m used to fasting..


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