Day 117

Looks like the internet is down again, so much for having fibre optics unlimited WiFi.
Today was chest workout. I’m really concerned today as the past few days I’ve had a pain in my elbow. I don’t know this is going to impact  today’s workout.

Bench press
Incline press
Dumbbell pull overs
Decline press.
Workout was OK. I’ve had s few strong lifts today and haven’t been that heavy in a long time. Definitely made some great gains with since incorporating keto.
Breakfast was a fry-up.
Zucchini, bacon, egg, tomatoes, onion, chili, Thai basil, salt and pepper.
Washed down with a bullet decaf. It still wasn’t a huge amount of calories at under 1000 calories ( 904) coffee inclusive .usually my meals are around 1500 calories . Kauri did a paleo version.

We’ve agreed with the WiFi down we will go out for the afternoon.

I’ve quickly scoffed 75 g of chilli salami down before heading off.

I’ll get my iPad looked at today. I suspect the panels faulty. Yep should have been a betting man .. Apple only gives 6 months warranty so this is almost 2 years old. Oh well s*** happens, nothing’s meant to last or these days made to last.

Time to maybe buy a new one. Have I mentioned before how everything electronic dies in this place. Same with most of the plants it’s like an evil presence .. yep it’s Kauri’s mum..

We actually did some clothes shopping. Kauri purchased some shoes, a top and I purchased some new shorts ..

The other day I almost had a wardrobe malfunction so time to downsize another pair of shorts or find ones with a drawstring.

It was nice to get out for a few hours sit down and have a coffee and surf the net with free WiFi that actually works. I really do appreciate the time spent away with my wife even just sitting back enjoying a coffee.

It’s almost 4 o’clock so time to reluctantly head back home ..OK, I’m putting up a bit of a fight to prolong the trip home.

It’s been a great day.

Dinner will be Kauri’s world famous pork belly, spinach cooked in bacon fat. I’m also going to have 2 fat bombs to reach my calories for today.



Night all. 🌗🌜⭐️




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