Day 115

Leg day.

Morning everyone.

Leg day comes around way too fast for my liking.

Laying leg curls

Leg extensions

Straight legged deadlifts

Bulgarian split squats

I’d like to say this was short and sweet but that would be a lie.  A lot of sets today.


Scrambled eggs and bacon wrapped asparagus with a bullet style decaf.

A great start to the morning.

Today was actually was a day of highs and lows ..

The more I do keto, the more I want to change it. First and foremost, I’m honest and I hope that’s portrayed here. I’ve been thinking for a while to go back to a paleo style diet ..I did this before I ever started keto.


For the first time yesterday the keto groups got to me. Someone asked a question if a products keto. An example this product had soy.

So they were advised that soy is genetically modified and not keto friendly. Then they argue and argued that soys not that bad and added a post about it. So why ask then? If that’s what you think, don’t ask and act like an ass. Unfortunately, this is becoming common place.

Then the other day, race and religion got into a conversation of a post. I have no issue with race or religion as long as you don’t preach it to me and respect my beliefs as well.

Why do people seem so uptight with keto? It’s really not so hard a process to follow but why do people have to cheat and drink with this way of life and then promote it? I had a guy I was helping also ready to throw in the towel. He gained a little weight and 1% bodyfat ..

This poor guy had done everything right even found hidden sugars in things he was eating. He should have lost weight. But this can happen.

I’ve said this many, many times this is not a one size fits all scenario. It has to be tailored to suit you and your needs and readjusted if required.

Yesterday all of this weighed heavily on me including some things I’m going through at the moment. I was so close to leaving every keto group and do what works for me and then go do paleo out of spite so I have nothing more to do with these irrational, ignorant and rude people.

After all I owe them nothing. After a deep breath I didn’t leave the groups but I did leave the amin role. This was not to be nasty or spiteful. I can’t deal with people that won’t listen even when it’s backed by science not hearsay of others. I’ve been in customer service rolls for years I’ve never seen anything like it. It was depressing reading these posts.

These were grabs from posts yesterday;

One lady was promoting eat all your fats first as this is more important than consuming proteins. Rather than proteins your goal, don’t exceed your carbs and use fat as a lever.

My friend who’s a nutritionist and does told her it’s wrong but she still argued the point. The lady was adamant that she was right as she lost weight. Well I’m adamant that bacon keeps elephants away. I eat bacon every day and I have not seen one elephant around our house. So it must be true.

One guy was promoting fat does not get absorbed as a calorie when eaten with carbs.

So as long as I eat a lot of fats with a small amount of carbs I will lose weight .. brilliant .. I’ll take his word for it he sound credible..NOT…

And another Promoting BCAA. There are many studies contradicting the use of BCAA. Some say the work well on fasted individuals, other say because we get them in our diet naturally this is a placebo effect (that ones backed by keto gains.) Yes, they are relatively cheap but are they really required? To date there is no conclusive study either way. If it works for some one, great, use it to your advantage. But saying you need to take them is misleading and BS.


People blindly follow this advice. Where do people get this crap and worse, others believe it. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

My highlight was talking to my hero ” Nigella.” This is the first time we have spoken on the phone. It was like catching up with an old friend.

It was really great. I loved hearing her Californian accent .. lol. It was a real boost to my day. I can’t believe I’m talking to this superstar.

Talking about keto, friendships, accents, training and life. I’ve always said you know when you’ve found great friends. You come away feeling great after talking to them .. Keto Kop is the other dear friend I feel the same way about her.

So with our hour chat done me feeling good it’s time for lunch.



Tuna salad with egg, balsamic vinegar, mustard and olive oil.

I’ve said this before, I hated salads but I really enjoy them so much since keto  and this one kicked ass.

We’ve decided to go to the local markets to pick up some veggies and roast chicken.




The veggie stand is owned by our friend “Paew ” and we have taken a tour of her gardens. It’s massive and she employs many workers. The veggies are always fresh.

Lurd is my chicken guy .. Seriously the best chickens in all of Thailand. Such a nice humble guy. He has this naughty school girl laugh. It’s so cute. I’m glad to see he wearing the glasses I gave him as a gift.

Back  in time for dinner


Lurd’s roast chicken and curry

Macro’s looking good ..

So my day ended up working out to be great with a hiccup earlier in the day.



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  1. Talking to you was great!! Your and Kauri’s accents are so cool ol, you should have seen my concentration face! Lol.
    I hear you about the groups and everything, it’s so redundant. There is some good in it that’s why I stay and keep going… I do find the need to step away more often these days!

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