Day 116

Good Morning Vietnam ………

Well last night the maid decided to turn up … I know damn well my brother in law was aware of it so now at least Kauri no longer has to cook all her mums meals.

Today I have back workout to do. While Kauri’s driving her mum around today (some things never change) I will do my  workout then.


Jalapeño popper cups and scrambles eggs followed by one bullet decaf..

Mid morning

Chia pudding with blueberries and bone broth vanilla protein powder.


Protein shake with spinach, almond milk, fresh coconut. I ended up using the last of the bone broth protein powder.

Back workout

Lat pull down

Straight bar pull downs

Face pulls

And a second version of lat pulldowns.

For some reason my elbow was hurting before hand so the workout wasn’t as good as I would have liked but I still felt every exercise.

We’ve decided to get out for dinner to the German restaurant..

Pork knuckle here I come.


I great evening finished with a perfect sunset.


I was actually 300 calories short of my goal today. But I feel good: I’m  satiated and I’m done for the evening.


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