Day 114

Back to training today ..


Seated shoulder press, 4 warm up sets, 4 working sets. reverse pyramid

Side lateral raise seated,  4 sets same weight

Rear lateral raise seated,  4 sets same weight

Front dumbbell raise, 4 sets 12 reps

Twisting seated dumbbell press. 2 sets heavy 8-10 reps

Standing side laterals drop sets, 10 reps decreasing the weight 4 times, 2 rounds

Overall a great workout. I went up in most exercises. Impressive as I was 600 calories less yesterday. I didn’t meet my protein, fats or carbs yet my workout kicked ass.  And this is with no fancy supplements either.

The drop sets at the end provided a real burn.


Pumpkin waffles filled with  60g of cream and 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, bacon and as always a cup of decaf to meet my fat for maintenance.

After breakfast we decided to make some fat bombs using the new molds we picked up.

They turned out well. This was our tribute to Fast and Furious 8 we saw yesterday lol


Fried chicken and salad using whole grain mustard, olive oil and lime. Mustard in the salad makes such a huge impact. I never was much of a salad eater but damn this was good.


Chicken stir fry and a panna cotta rose for dessert. The rose was the second mould we purchased. Still funny these were in a DIY shop and around $2 each.

When I posted this I wrote Keto can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. It’s really not a difficult process.





My macros were good today: 28 calories over is not bad at all.


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