Day 113

Today is movie day.

Well, actually yesterday is traditionally the day we go to the movies but today Kauri’s brother is home so we are going out. Well, we will be going out after Kauri feeds her mum, I wash up, tend to her majesty but then…..

We will be going to the movies.

First things first, breakfast.

We’ve decided to do a zucchini fry up, bacon, zucchini, a little onion, tomato, spices and egg ..the yolk is heated slightly and poured over the mixture as a sauce.

This was delicious.

We are heady off finally .. I’m like an excited dog with its head out the window, ears flapping in the breeze.

We’ve decided to see Fast and Furious 8. I must admit I haven’t seen many of them but it’s a chance Β to escape reality and this madhouse for a while.

I’ve grabbed some staples so we are good to go.

The movie was good. We also picked up a few molds from a DIY shop on the next level down and did some shopping at the Tops supermarket.

Today was a good day for the first time ever. We now have Kerrygold butter available. So we picked up a couple and some pork belly, coconut cream, fresh berries and one avocado.

Also we had a fish display set up at the plaza.

So many fish ..



Yesterday I went over my calories so today I’m just going eat till satiety not maintenance or excess.

Dinner I will have roast chicken and some curry.


My macros have never been this low but I’m not hungry and it will be interesting to see how tomorrow’s workout goes.

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