Day 112

Today is 8 months to the day that I started my keto journey. Today is also a non-training day so my workout will be washing the car. This will be at my usual workout time ..

Did I mention my arms are dead from yesterday’s workout, no? Well, I have now.


4 jalapeño egg popper cups, and one bullet style decaf with two coconut oil and two butter.

I wanted to watch a documentary a friend suggested, “Fathead.” I thought it was brilliant. Yes, it was basic but had an insight to a few myths like calories in VS calories out and how trans fats came into play in the fast food franchises.

I mentioned before that I have not had a migraine since I started keto. Well, today had to prove me wrong. The dull ache, the throbbing and then it would snowball rapidly into a full blown migraine. One with the lot.

The supersize of migraines. But after taking a couple of tablets and a sleep it subsided. Usually this never happens and I have to ride it out.


I shake with cocoa, almond milk, peanut butter and protein powder. Part 2 of the meal was two hard boiled eggs and 50 g of salami.


Aftnoon snack

Panna cotta


Dinner was around 4 pm as Kauri had to take Miss Daisy to the hospital.

So pork belly around 180g and bok choi cooked in bacon fat.


Well today I stuffed up .. today should have been 3000 calories ..

But that’s the beauty I didn’t cheat and I can drop calories tomorrow if required.





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