Day 108

The more I think of the beginning of the Team America song “I’m so ronery,” I can relate.

“Why is everyone so fucking stupid, why aren’t people more intelligent.. like me? ”

I’m putting myself on a keto Facebook ban for a while or KFB for short. I seriously need a timeout. If I see one more “can I cheat?” post or “is it ok to cheat?” I’m going to explode ..

Everyday is Groundhog Day, the same questions over and over and over again. Go to the pinned posts people. There should be a FAQ ( frequently asked questions.)

What is a keto diet?

How do I know I’m fat adapted or how long does it take to get fat adapted?Can I cheat on keto?  What happens if I cheat on keto?  If I cheat how long does it take to get back into ketosis?

What supplements do I require on this type of diet?, etc,etc .

These are all legit questions but it’s the cheating posts that really piss me off.

So I’m disappearing of the keto grid for a while no more posts on Facebook.

I decided I would do a quick weigh in this morning.

I started my month at 217. I started taking ACV  later that week and the next day I dropped to 213.4.

Today I’m at 216 pounds. Depending if your a glass half full or half empty. I’ve lost weight or I’ve gained weight? To me I’ve lost weight. I’m below my starting weight. Considering I’ve been in a reasonable surplus, it’s surprising.

This morning was leg day. Party of one .

Since Kauri is preparing her majesty’s breakfast I’ll go and train legs.

Leg extensions, 4 sets 20 reps

Leg curls, 4 sets 15 reps

Front squats, 5 sets increasing in weight and dropping the reps

Straight leg dead lifts, 5 sets same weight

No calves today. I’m going to do them separately 3 days a week with abs .. I’ll do split training.


3 jalapeño popper cups and a decaf coffee with butter and coconut oil. By the way, if using decaf coffee check the count. Nigella brought this to my attention the other morning. I didn’t realise some decaf coffees have carbs. I think nigella and I saw 1.4 g net carbs per cup ?

I use Lavazza

I must admit the best decaf I have tasted. According to the nutrition label there’s zero carbs.

Morning snack

Chia pudding.

I personally think it easier to use staples or have regular food choices it makes calculation of daily macros a lot easier.


Roast chicken, salad with homemade mayo and one panna cotta.

This afternoon I was helpin Kauri in the kitchen. She might have said hindering but tomatoes/ tomartoes …

My protein is fairly low so we will make a protein shake. I have some vanillla bone broth protein left so I will use that today.


Kauri’s world famous pork belly, snake beans cooked in bacon fat.


37 calories over for the day.








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  1. Omg the FAQ is like a duh moment for me right now. I definitely need to put one in the file section and make it super informitive with everything you listed as well as some information on carb ups since that drives me nuts. You couldn’t be more right about making usual things to make tracking easier, I noticed that right away when I started. Btw kind of sassy in the blog today lol

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