Day 105 and 106

With Thai new year ( Songkran) yesterday I didn’t post so today will be 2 for 1 Friday.

Yesterday was almost as contravesial as 1980 release of KISS Unmasked album. Yes Crystal I was a KISS fan.

So yesterday we released a limited edition Deadpool Unmasked.

Now you have it the guy behind the Deadpool image. I think a lot of  people were surprised,hopefully in a good way. One of my BEst friends Crystal was in shock that’s for sure .

I received a lot of positive comments and no death threats so that’s a plus.

Unfortunately a lot of the public roads were blocked off today so most of the streets did not have water fights .. but it was still nice to get out of the house with kauri. I thought we would share a photo of the last time we did the  songkran celebration

so what is songkran ?

Songkran is Thailand’s most famous festival. An important event on the Buddhist calendar, this water festival marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. The name Songkran comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘passing’ or ‘approaching’.

Even though it was a public holiday and a non-training day I still managed to get my  calculate macros of 3000 calories in for the day.

Remember my protein and carbs will stay the same this month only the fat will vary to be either a surplus or a deficit depending on either a training or non training day


I was 70 calories over for yesterday.

Today is Friday, my second of my non training days.And happy Easter BTW

For breakfast I will have 3 jalapeño poppers egg cups and 1 bullet style decaf with 2 butters and 2 coconut oils.

This brings me to around 1100 calories so 1900 to go.

Morning snack will be 2 panna cotta and 2 fat bombs.Id rather a fat bomb over an Easter egg any day

I must admit of late  I have had a lot of success stories with the groups and I usually don’t kiss and tell but here’s a story of what we deal with every day.

Last week I was helping an individual with keto as his macros were way out.

So I’ve worked out his calories and  also given him a  link to free eBooks that would assist  him with his macros and meal suggestions. I want to state for the record I don’t coach. I do this freely I have never been paid anything for my time so I don’t write meal plans,but rather give suggestions .

I hadn’t heard from him for a few days and he also joined Keto Men, my guys group. Anyway, today there’s a post on my group asking for meal plans so obviously he didn’t look at the free eBooks. Not only that but he then asked the group how do the suggested meals into his daily allowance and posted different macros to what was suggested.

So this guy is determined to do nothing by himself yet had a bet with a work colleague with his weight loss .. it’s frustrating ..

Well, he left the group but what’s funny I just saw him post the exact same  post into another group I’m a member of.

I am all for helping someone succeed, spending my time to help calculate macros and look at foods that may be problematic even exercises but they must be willing to put in an effort and not have someone else do all the work for them.


Fried chicken and salad with olive oil.

This afternoon was spent doing my application for 90 day extension as part of my year in Thailand. It can be painful as the internet application is so slow. You type one letter wait ten seconds to type the next but at least it’s done now


Tonigh was Kauri’s world famous pork belly with mustard greens cooked in bacon fat ..


I was 97 calories over today ..





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  1. Wow, what a smack in the face! You do so much and ask for nothing in return, he wasted your time and continued to try to waste others time. I’m sorry, you deserve better than that 🙁

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