Day 104

Greetings earthlings.
Today is my last workout of the week; Arms.
The one thing I can testify about keto it gives you heaps of energy.
So I’ve had my ACV and half a black decaf and it’s time to get my gym on ..
Twisting dumbbell arms curls standing
3 warm up sets 5 working sets
Reverse curls, 4 sets
Incline dumbbell curls, 3 sets
Concentration curls, 3 sets
Wrist curls, 4 sets

I’m close to my time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes so I’m going to split my workout I’ll do triceps later today. I could have continued but then I risk my body releasing cortisol and testosterone levels dropping.


Bacon, scrambled egg, cheese biscuits washed down with decaf coffee.

Morning snack

Chia pudding

We urgently need to go grocery shopping to pick up a few keto staples.

We have zucchini, radishes, egg whites, butter, cream, sliced  bacon, a slab of bacon, eggs, salami and pork belly.


I’m really not hungry so I’ll make a shake just for calories.

Protein shake, 1 scoop vanilla protein, almond milk, spinach, 2 tablespoons of oil.

As displayed by my lovely assistant

We used a solid  Starbucks  cup


It’s now 3 pm and bloody hot upstairs but I have another part of my workout to complete.


Tricep push downs, 5 sets 12 reps

Tricep overhead extensions, 4 sets 15 reps

Reverse tricep pushdowns, 4 sets 12 reps

Bodyweight dips to failure, 3 sets

Thats added another 50 minutes of working out today.

This afternoon I was writing my blog and answering messages online.


Green curry with pork and chicken and 10 g of walnuts.



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  1. It was more epic than the titanic movie .. and afte the workout I sat on the bed and yelled out ” I’m the king of the world ” …lol

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