Day 103

Good morning everyone.

Today is chest day for me and as I’m writing now after breakfast I would not have predicted today’s results.

Just a quick recap, I’ve started calorie cycling. I’m consuming more calories on my workout days– 3600 calories and less calories on my two non-workout days–3000 calories. This is a sneaky bulk as I’m consuming more calories this month, an extra 900 calories each week on top of what I usually consume.

I’m also taking ACV both when I wake up and also after dinner. And the past two days I’ve started taking turmeric tablets again (Kauri’s mum gets the maid to make them up as we have heaps of tumeric .. so our own little drug lab

So, today’s workout;

For those who follow my training workouts, when negative pyramiding  you have 3 or more working sets. You start with a heavier weight and lower reps 4-6, then reduce weight by 10% and do 6-8 reps, another 10% and 8-10 reps. When you reach the max reps in any of the sets you increase the weight next time.

Last week I reached the max reps for all my chest exercises so it was time to increase the weight. Usually you will be just able to hit the lower reps  of each working set with the heavier weight.

Well, today I hit every maximum rep for every exercise. I even had to check the weight plates to make sure I had not used a lower weight.

Usually you may improve on one rep or one exercise but on them all, wow!

So next week I go up again.

Chest workout;

Bench press, 5 warm up sets, 3 working sets reverse pyramid

Incline press, 3 reverse pyramid sets

Dumbbell pull over, 4 sets same weight

Decline flies, 3 sets same weight

Weighted dips, 2 sets to failure



Pumpkin spiced waffles, asparagus wrapped in bacon and a bullet proof decaf .. I’ve mentioned this many times but the bullet decaf is only used to reach my calories. It is not nutrient dense and does not fill me whatsoever. Don’t rely on liquid fats to keep you full.

With breakfast done I don’t feel like I’ve stuffed myself. I could still actually eat more but I feel content. Never force yourself for the sake of macros. Especially if your goal is to lose weight. Reach your protein, don’t go over your carbs and use the fats to keep you full.

I’m not really hungry but I’ll eat a chia pudding to keep my calories up. If I was losing weight this would be so easy as you are not hungry. But to eat when your are not hungry is another problem altogether.

I also made a mistake. We had some cashews here so I had 15 g. I don’t usually eat them and now I realize they have such a high carb count .. (4 g net) I’ll still be under my carbs for the day but they took a huge chunk out of my daily carbs.


Fried pork belly, green salad with homemade mayonnaise. I’m around 2600 calories at this point.


Chicken breast poached in green curry and broccolini. I will need tp have a bullet decaf to reach my macros.

Macros today:

I’m 4 calories under my goal ..







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