Day 102

Good morning everyone so let’s continue my journey on what have I learnt.

Reading labels 

This is a biggie, learn to read labels. Learn what products are not keto friendly. Below is a great example.

A packet of  pork rinds this was posted on Facebook by a lady named Jeri. Coincidentally, a friend of mine was eating the same brand in large quantities everyday and now he knows why his blood ketones were measuring low.

Let’s look at the label.

The ingredients are printed in order from the highest to the lowest quantity of each ingredient used. Sugar is the second ingredient ….. We also have wheat flour, msg ,soy and fillers like maltodextrin that spike insulin levels higher than sugar and are found in so many. Don’t assume just because they are pork rinds they are keto friendly.

And this is the same for many products. I can’t stress this enough. Regardless of what the carton says– zero calories, zero sugar, anything under o.5g per serve is marked as zero sugars. Read the ingredient list. For those that have hit a stall, this may be the reason why.

I often see the same old posts on the keto forums and I wanted to do a post today but I will do it here instead.

My post would start like this ..

What are you willing to scrafice to reach your goals?

I’ve been over this subject many times. Lost friendships over it as well. Life owes you nothing. You need to work at keto like everything else in this world to make it work.

Stop being cry babies, getting butt hurt and do something about it. Everyday people cry for help. You offer it but then they fight you every step as they are have this mindset and are so convinced they need to drop calories, reduce fats .. God forbids, you mentioning to up calories. Your body’s designed to self protect. You drastically drop calories your metabolism will slow down.

Be grateful for every pound that you lose.  You didn’t just gain it overnight. You need to do what works for you. As I said on my 100th post keto is not a one size fits all, there has to be some adjustments to suit your needs ..

I want to give two examples using two of my friends. Believe it or not I do have a couple of friends.


It’s no secret I love this woman. She is my friend and one of my heroes.

Her life is full on. She has a young child, and a Internet sensation, as well as a Facebook group. I don’t know how she finds time to scratch herself  let alone time to train at the gym. It could be easily justified that she is too busy with work and her family and yet the other morning she was working out at 1:30 am. This is determination at its best. In my eyes this woman is a rockstar. We have set some short term goals in the gym and she is going to kick ass.

Let’s face it, there are 24 hours in the day. If you want something bad enough you will make time for it.. Family comes first  but you need to focus on your goals if you are going to succeed.

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, you need to get off your ass and work hard. While you are partying some one else is working hard.

Kid Keto

His hips are totally fucked .. Sorry but there’s no other way to say it.

Kid Keto could sit on his ass in his tightly whiteys (underpants and singlet) in front of the TV all day and who would blame him, seriously. But no, he is “making life  his bitch.” He has enlisted people with the know how to help him reach his goals with the aid of myself with the workouts and another with nutrition.  I also love the fact he has posted it on his post as once it’s out there you can’t take it back. Big cojones brother. He has planned to succeed and he will.

Every day we see the people that are willing to cheat with either food or alcohol then have the nerve to post it for remorse.

Seriously, take some ownership over what you put in your mouth

So that’s today’s blog ..

I love what I do, I believe in the process.

If I chose to cheat, mine would not be food. But say I did, I would not post it on a keto Facebook page. I take action for my responsibility. If it knocks me out of ketosis it’s my issue.  Don’t want a hug or someone to pick me up and tell me it’s OK. If I planed to cheat and even then post the specifics of what I ate so that others think it’s OK, I need a good kick up the ass…

The rest of my day (short version)

Back training,  5 exercises, 4 sets, 15 reps. Exhausted!

Breakfast- Egg white wraps, bullet style decaf.  Lunch- Tuna salad. Dinner- roast chicken with winter greens in homemade bone broth.

Snacks – panna cotta, fat bombs.

Macros for the day;

3597 …








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