Day 101

The celebration is over! Time to clean up the mess lol

I will continue yesterday’s things I’ve learnt in the next few days.

Today I catch up with my nemesis,  Leg day.

“I hate it, but I love it.” This was a quote doing AB ripper on P90X .. Kauri and I used to say this all the time.

Kauri has to take grandma out at 7:20 for a few hours as grandma gets a free meal and there’s no way heaven or hell she’s missing out. Funny how Kauri always seems to disappear on leg day.


Leg curl, alternating leg, 4 sets 10-12 reps

Bulgarian split squats, 4 sets 10 reps same weight

Stiff leg deadlifts, 6 sets increasing the weight

Front squats, 4 sets 12 reps

Leg extensions, 3 sets 40 reps

Training was around 1 hour 20. My ass got handed to me on a plate .

I haven’t done calves yet. I’ll do them later in the day.


My first meal is close to 11:00 AM

Frittata made with bacon, tomarto, garlic powder asparagus, bullet style decaf.


First meal done, 1150 calories.

Morning snack

Chocolate chia pudding. That added 500 calories to the mix. Only 2000 to go.

I can’t believe I fell asleep. It was so hot even with the fan going and I even had a great nights sleep last night. Well as good as it gets for me.

I’m not really hungry at all. If I wasn’t doing excess calories I would not eat. This is another thing I’ve learnt don’t force a meal or a fast.


160 g of roast chicken, coconut soup and 2 panna cottas .

We are around 2800 calories at this stage, 800 to go .


149 g of roast chicken, lettuce,  cabbage , coconut curry sauce, panna cotta and 2 fat bombs.


77 calories over my allocated 3600 calories for the day but I’m happy with today’s macros.









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