Day 100

The big 100, it’s hard to believe. So in true Aussie humor the big 100..


Today I’m going to do something different.

What I have personally learnt about the ketogenic diet?

Part one

The ketogenic diet is not a one size fits all, straight out of the box ready to use application. Like a biker, certain things do need to be adjusted for the perfect customer experience. (Did you like the bike reference, Michelle that ones for you.. lol)

Depending on what you read, there are 4 stages of adaptation for ketosis.

There is still a lot of confusion when it comes to how much to eat.

How many calories?

What are the percentages?

Do you calculate macros?

When you take your ketogenic diet out of the box, it comes preset. As with anything you should read the instructions as you have 3 adjustments. Protein, Fats and Carbs.

Generally, the macronutrient ratio varies within the following ranges: 60-75% of calories from fat (or even more), 15-30% of calories from protein, and 5-10% of calories from carbs.

But as with every new product there is a disclaimer.

In this case, “For optimal experience you need to consult your macros.”

Macros are based on your very own TDEE ( total daily energy expenditure   as well as height, sex, age, weight, body fat so that it’s customized to suit you. Again like a bike you can’t just grab someone else’s and expect it to be perfectly adjusted for you and your needs.

Since it’s my blog let’s set me up.

I use Keto Buddy. I find this personally a great calculator.

Let’s set up my macros shall we?

I’ve entered  below my sex, age, weight, height, activity level body fat and the net carbs I want to use. (Net carbs are usually given as a generic 20-25g but this is actually 5-10 % of your calories so for each individual and may be actually higher or lower than 20-25 g.)

I always leave my activity at moderate and bodyfat I round up.


Once this is entered I can choose either weight loss or weight gain depending on my goals. I’ve mentioned that I’m no longer doing weight loss or maintenance but I’m now doing a surplus.

The results are then displayed;


From the chart the top calculation is for maintenance, then following charts show the different surplus.

The same is for weight loss you have maintenance then given small, medium and large deficit. Usually a medium deficit is recommended.

I’ve chosen a small surplus as I want to also maintain a low body fat. Keto Buddy calculates my calories, fats proteins and carbs and it also displays the amount of each nutrients in grams to make it easy.

Remember fat has 9 calories  per gram, protein and carbs both have 4 calories although as we know these are not digested equally.

The graph typifies what I’ve learnt.  Protein is your goal, fats a lever and carbs a limit. Even when you look at the calculations the protein and carbs stay the same it’s the fat that varies .

With adjustments done for you, macros calculated, grams worked out, you are ready to take on your personal keto journey.

To be continued …….

Today I decided to do a weight not for any particular reason. I’ve been eating excess calories above maintenance as you know and I’ve started having apple cider vinegar the past 2 days. Well, my weight is down .. down a lot. I was 217 pounds. This morning I’m 213.4.

A huge drop! A whoosh when I’m eating excess calories lol

Today is my first workout of my training week ..


Today I’m going to train with dumbbells only.

Rule of thumb: all high rep sets will be 1 minute rest between sets. Heavy weights low reps will be 2 minute rest between sets.

Dumbbell presses, 4 warm up sets

15,12,10,8 weight increasing, 3 working sets same weight 8-10 reps

Side lateral raise, 4 sets same weight 10-12 reps

Front raise, 3 sets same weight 12-15 reps

Bent over rear dealt, 4 sets 6-8 reps

Twisting dumbbell press heavy, 3 sets  4-6 reps

I was happy with this workout.


Pumpkin spiced waffles, and a pumpkin pie spiced drink.(Guess wh0’s got pumpkin?)

I’ve also had a decaf with 2 tablespoons butters and 2 tablespoon oil. Remember my macros will be in surplus on training days so I’ll be hitting 3600 calories.

We are off to a good start  1513 calories .

Morning snack 

25 grams of walnuts


Today I wanted to make mayonnaise a friend of mine had posted it and I know it’s easy to make but one of those things I haven’t made yet.

Well, today was that day. It was easy to make under 5 minutes and so much tastier than the bought product. I would or should I say I will never ever buy mayonnaise again.

Lunch we made red/ white cabbage slaw with the mayonnaise, fried chicken wings and why not a little more mayo.


Pork belly and red cabbage cooked in bacon fat.


I hit my excess calories of 3600 today.





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