Day 99

I’m finally up to date.  I’m sorry my blogs of late have been lack luster. Catching on with a back log was painful but it’s done but they suffered as a result. So much responsibility so little time. I need to take my own advice. Family first then go from there. Priority is that’s what life’s about.

I can’t believe tomorrow will be 100 days of blogging. It’s gone fast. Accepting an admin role recently, I may have taken on a bit too much but I’ve now worked out a compromise so that my blog isn’t effected. I’m learning so much with the admin role and had an insight to products and issues I would not have seen otherwise. My journey is still focused on learning and giving back.

Today is the second of my rest days. Saying that I didn’t walk or run  yesterday.  I had to catch up on the blog and posts and answer questions on Facebook.

Today Kauri has to take grandma out at 8 AM so I’m home alone again for the day. Well, till 3 PM as grandma is never inconvenienced. That gives Kauri enough time to cook her dinner while grandma sits her boney ass in front of the TV.  So while she’s away being pampered I will ride the stationary bike and get a sweat up not for weight loss or cardio. Really low impact. Damn you keto, so much energy ..

Lately I’ve also been helping with workout programs, something I enjoy doing.  This coupled with keto really works well. I’ve been asked to do coaching many times. At the moment it’s for the fun of it especially for my friends.

Speaking of which I need to change my workout around for tomorrow.

I’ve been so behind that I’m making changes for my month today.

My objectives this month:

I’m going to calorie cycle .. NO, NOT CARB CYCLE.

I’m going to make it very simple. Usually a workout burns between 300-500 calories.

My workout days my calories will be increased 300 calories.

Non workout days I will drop 300 calories.

This will be mostly from the fats.

As protein is my goal, fat is a lever and carb is a limit.

Three training days add 300 calories per day . This will make my daily calories 3600.

Three non-training days deduct 300 calories per day, which will make it 3000 calories.

And the last day will be my regular calories of 3300 a day.

If I was dieting for weight loss this day would also be deficit of 300 calories.

I’m also going back to apple cider vinegar (ACV) when I wake up. I stopped taking it for no particular reason .. Funnily enough I love the taste. It’s so sweet and makes great jellies as well. (Check the jellies recipe in our recipe index.)

8:02 and Kauri’s gone .. can’t have grandma inconvenienced even one minute.

I’ll get on the stationary bike and get my sweat on.. 25 minutes later it’s done time to think about cooking breakfast.



Bacon and scrambled eggs. I’ve used the bacon fat instead of coconut oil today. Talk about flavor explosion🎆


I’ve also made a bullet style decaf. I really don’t see the point of the bullet coffee except I’m in a surplus it really is empty calories it doesn’t fill me up at all… Keto Kop has been waiting a long time to see me say this..

Seriously, I could drink my fats all day without feeling full. I see so many people say they are hungry yet have 2 BP style drinks.

It’s the good fats that keep you full people, fattier cuts of meat, eggs avocado etc., something with substance.

Morning snack

Today’s treat was chia pudding.

Before I knew it lunch time was upon me.


I made a protein shake, almond milk, coconut cream, protein powder and spinach.

At this stage of the game I’m around 2000 calories. This will be a 3000 calorie day today as I didn’t train. Yes, I rode the stationary bike but I’m not counting that into the equation.

For the first time ever Kauri’s back before 3 PM. Momma must have been kicked out early and Kauri bought back some cooked chicken so dinner will be easier tonight.

I have 625 calories remaining to reach today’s target.


Chicken wings deep fried in the wok with home made mayo, and salad.




I was 18 calories over but I’m happy with today’s calories of 3000.







3 thoughts on “Day 99”

  1. I really needed to see this post for a few reasons. Family/ passions first. You need to make yourself happy and I have been prioritizing things differently myself. Admin life can take a toll and you have been wonderful. You’ll always have a place if you have the time or desire to do t again. Second, I have been drinking 2 bullet decafs a day and still hungry. My hunger has been out of hand lately and I think it’s from working out… 3rd I’m really wanting to try calorie cycling because I think it will help me manage ky hunger on days I train… thank you for your constant support and advice! You’re the bestest 😉

    1. Back at you . I can’t believe I’m saying this and Crystal will love it but the bullet style decaf does nothing it doesn’t fill me what so ever .. it’s just a keto get my calories in . As far as calorie cycling it will work great for your workouts . Once the first month is over we can incorporate this into your day .
      As you train 3 days and non training is 4 we can increase 3 days , decrease 3 days and the last day would be your normal macros .

      As far as admin , I love your group and the admins that I had the pleasure to work with . You have a fantastic tram .. I hope to be back in the near future

      1. Calorie cycling is something I’m very interested in. I’m cutting the coconut oil out of my decaf almond milk lattes because I am still hungry. Don’t get me wrong it’s luscious and tasty but that’s 185 calories when I could just have 45 calories and feel just as hungry. Lol

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