Day 98

Non training day today and I must admit I’ve been a total slack ass. I didn’t even go for a walk today. I’ve been so busy with emails, messenger that before I knew it it was lunch time.

So today’s post will be the shortest so far.

I did get to have breakfast.

Bacon, onion, tomato, zucchini spices and 2 eggs.

A great start to the morning.

Morning snack

2 fat bombs


Protein shake, chia pudding, walnuts.


Roast chicken, boiled eggs, salad and home made mayo. Finally made it.




3 thoughts on “Day 98”

    1. I agree home made mayo is the way to go… all of 4 minutes ..
      We used coconut oil the only downside is if any is left over and goes in the fridge it goes hard

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