Day 97

Good morning everyone.

Last workout for my week:  arms. We’ve had a few days of rain so rather than training outside I’m going to use the door gym.

Tricep cable pushdowns using a rope

Bicep one arm cable curls

Reverse one arm tricep cable pushdowns

Bicep curl reverse grip, palms facing down (you will need to select a lighter weight) and let down slow 3-4 count on the negative

Tricep overhead extension using the rope

Bicep concentration curls, 3 count on the negative, pause at the bottom

I didn’t go by reps today. When I felt the burn that’s when the workout takes place. I would aim for another 4-5 reps. My range could be anywhere from 12 to 20 reps depending on the weight I had selected.

*For those who exercise, there are always helpful tips on almost every workout I post, things that seem basic but we forget to apply … If anything, leave your ego at home if your goal is building muscle. It’s about mind-muscle connection. We are not weightlifters.


Two waffles, filling of cream and protein powder and bacon.


Morning snack 

Chia pudding


Roast chicken, and a large salad, blue cheesedressing mixed with olive oil

Afternoon snack

2 panna cotta


Roast chicken fried with mustard greens, curry sauce added.


I ended up being 2 calories under .. hang my head in shame😞




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