Day 93

I’m a day late but it’s time to do my measurements, but as always unpleastaries first.

Acetone green / 4 flashes.

Body weight  217 .o.

For those who followed me the past month, I started the Jason whittrock  challenge and ate a massive amount of calories. The first few days my weight remained the same. It went up each day then stalled. By the end of the second week my weight had increased but not by much. I wasn’t particularly happy with my waist line as it went up an inch. So I decided to drop the calories from 4,700 calories down to a more modest 3,300 calories which was still well above my  daily maintenance.

I did my body fat measurements

So my body fat had dropped from just over 10% to 8.58. My weigh had increased by 1.3 kilo to 98.42.

I had lost fat and gained muscle mass.

People often complain about stalls in weight loss 2-4 weeks. It is not a stall. Your body is readjusting its composition. It’s a constant process.

This is my chart since I’ve started documenting. Again, my goals are not weight loss but it’s the same principles. My body is constantly changing.


Overall I’m very happy with the results.

This month I have no challenge. I will not be checking my weight every morning and will go back to once a month .. I honestly don’t know how people can weigh daily .

My legs were still sore from Saturday’s workout and I had a day off at my disposal so I used it today. This will be a recovery day.



Scrambled eggs with asparagus wrapped in bacon. It was good to be back home cooking up a storm. Washed down with decaf coffee.

Around 1,070 calories of keto goodness.

Kauri had made some keto coconut ice cream with chocolate chips. We don’t usually have ice cream but it was a nice treat ( pre keto I used to have ice cream most nights.)



lunch was pork belly. We  also roasted some radishes for the first time. (Personally it tasted just like cauliflower.) I’m not sure if I would do them again .. Cauliflower would have been just as good. The jury is out on that one.


Roast chicken, green curry  and 2 panna cotta for dessert …


Overall a good day

My protein slightly higher at 20%, fats 78% and net carbs 2%.



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