Day 91

Today is a good day. We go away for the night. King crab buffet is calling. Time and king crabs wait for no one.

In all the excitement, I didn’t weigh myself but I did do Acetone levels

Acetone green with 1 flash. Pathetic…

I didn’t even go for a walk today but saying that, there is a gym at the hotel. I might use the treadmill when we arrive .


Thai curry in an omelette. This was fantastic. We used pork instead of chicken. I also had bullet style decaf.

Morning snack

Chia pudding


Roast chicken, bok choi sauteéd in butter.

It’s time to head off to the hotel. This is usually a slow trip. Traffic tends to get heavy and it doesn’t disappoint.

We are driving in and Kauri points out a famous land mark (She didn’t say world famous so I’ll leave it at that.)

So this is the story of the haunted tower. Seen below;


Around 10 years ago the builder of this monstrosity was charged with arranging the murder of a high court judge in Thailand and the building has sat in a stalled state ever since. People had invested and bought of the plan and didn’t want their money back so it could not be sold.

Tourists  paid around 200 baht each to climb the tower as the view is spectacular. About 3 years ago apparently a Swedish tourist climbed to the top and committed suicide. Urban legend has it that a few  foreigners have done this. There are  now security guards on post but locals still manage sneak up to the top to take photos.

Our trip to the hotel has taken about an hour. We have checked in and we have decided to train.

Shoulder workout

Shoulder press machine (this was an excellent piece of equipment.)

Side laterals done via cables

Front lateral raise

Dumbbell shrugs

Rear lateral raise .

The view from the gym was stunning. It’s all glass and overlooking the city. The pool is also outside the gym.

Training was around an hour.


it’s around 4 pm so we decide to sit by the pool for a while before dinner.


Bring on the king crab. I’ve even bought the kitchen scales. This shits about to get serious!


Well, there wasn’t a lot of king crab this time but I did get some prawns, mud crab, king crab, rock lobster and I had 2 coffees with butter to top up my fats. Followed by another coffee I will end up to regret this. (Who didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 am ..yep that would be me.)

I know the same pool photo has been used twice but this was the one taken after dinner.

So with all the planning how were my macros for the night.


I was slightly under on fat, 19 g and calories just short of my goal but I was full and I wasn’t going to force feed myself even on maintenance.

Goodnight everyone.



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