Day 120

Good morning everyone.

This morning I’ve decided to retest my blood pressure at home. Iwill do it at around 8 AM as I’m not training today.

My reading was 125-72, still slightly high but a huge difference from yesterday’s 145/80. I didn’t feel stressed. Well, I thought I wasn’t stressed but I don’t like hospitals .. I never have and never will.

Today is my second non workout day and I haven’t been for a walk in ages either. I need to do something about that.


Kauri just made a batch of jalapeño poppers. The smell coming out of the kitchen is incredible.

Three poppers and a decaf will be my breakfast today.

Lunch was simple and low key;

Salami, olives and some cheese. I’m not usually a cheese eater but it does go well with the spicy salami.


We’ve decided (well, more so I have) to enjoy life more, spend it with those you care about. I thought up a quote yesterday:

“While we have no control over how long we live we do on the way we live it ..”

So we are back to the German restaurant tonight.

I’m low on protein and need a fix.

Pork knuckle and German sausages will come to my rescue. Yes that’s just for me ..


Dinner was great and the company was even better. I didn’t have the sauce or obviously the potatoes..And washed down with water ..Kauri had seafood spaghetti and mussels and beer.




12 calories under today, not bad at all ..


Day 119

Today I’m nervous .. I’ve been putting off getting my kidneys tested for some  time. Even smart people do stupid things.
The funny thing is the symptoms came and went. That’s why I never got them tested .. but still no excuses..

Yesterday I did a quick refresh on the 5 stages of kidney failure. It’s not to be negative but to be informed, to know what I’m looking at if there is an issue.
This is calculated on the GFR

GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate. GFR is a measure of how well your kidneys filter blood.
So at 7:30 this morning I will finally get my blood and urine tested and wait around a few hours for the results.
A score of 90 or above is ideal.

I forgot to mention just because you make an appointment for 7:30, it doesn’t mean you will be tested at that time..8:30 and it’s time to start testing.

I’d like to be positive but I’m not. My blood pressure is high
My first reading was 148/80.  I redid it and still 138/80. Before keto I was around 120/80. WTF!!!

High blood pressure is a symptom also associated with kidney failure ..
Time to get blood drawn. I hate needles yet I’m ok with going to get a few tattoos. It’s not the prick or seeing the blood. It’s the anticipation.
Blood’s done time to go pee in a sterile jar.
I’ve had to hold on since 7:00am.
It’s now 8:45.
Ah! the relief of having a pee… ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Next exam will be chest X-ray ..We have to go upstairs for this one.
I change into a blue buttonless shirt with straps. Yep, it just oozes sex appeal .. 2 minutes later that’s done.
And finally we have to do a ECG.  Back downstairs. At least we get a bit of cardio today.

It’s 9:20. Lucky I’m used to fasting .. I’m waiting with about 20 patients  to get the ECG and then we are finished with the tests.

My first ECG. Suction cups, hand grips ankles strapped. I’ve never tried any bondage but is this close? I think the nurse enjoyed her job a little to much. If she bought out the rubber chicken I was making a run for the exits.
Well, no issue with ECG. That looks good.
Today I’ve been pricked, prodded and suction cupped. 3 hours later I’m done.

So, for 1650 baht or $45 AUD you get the following tests
BUN, Creatine
Uric Acid
Chest x-ray
The bad news is it takes a week to get the results so I’ll find out how far I’m up shit creek on Friday and if I need a bigger paddle.
I did bring the survival bag but I’ll wait .. and wait..

Going to have a quick meal at the canteen, 180g of pork belly and some bone broth .. it was really good. Kauri had fried noodles. There has been a lot of upgrades to the hospital. You can buy clothes, food as well as many coffee shops and even a guy playing piano in the foyer.

With brunch done we are off to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

I’ve got macadamias and salami and even a boiled egg.

The movie I give 6/10. Baby Groot was the star of this  movie.

It’s been a long day and time to head home.


Tonight I’m having minced pork in green curry and for dessert we have chia pudding with some blueberry.



What’s great is that I still reached my macros and considering we were out most the day. It pays to plan where you can and pick the best options available to you.

So what did I learn today?

I am Groot!

Day 118

Last workout of the week ..and then two days of R and R.

Splitsville ..

Bicep this morning then triceps in the afternoon.


Standing curls

Reverse bicep curl with Olympic bar

Seated incline dumbbell  curls

Twisting dumbbell curls drop sets

Wrist curls

That was intense. I went up on every set today, so great gains .. but today was weird. The first time I ever felt like throwing up during a workout. It wasn’t due to the intensity either.

One and a half hour later and bicep training is done ..

Time to organize Breakfast


Scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado. We managed to source a few but they are so small and $2 each. I was actually reading yesterday that drug cartels are interested in farming avocados as there is good money to be made from these crops ..

Washed down with bullet decaf (only to bring calories up.)


Roast chicken and a large green salad, vinaigrette made with mustard, olive oil and lime juice.

Afternoon snack was 2 panna cotta.

Today was one of those days I didn’t get my tricep part of the workout done this afternoon. The day seemed to slip away and I didn’t plan it very well.


Dinner was later tonight than usual.

Kauri’s ‘world famous’ pork belly and spinach fried in bacon grease.



I’m a little under calories today but I have to get some testing done tomorrow at the hospital so this will be of my calories .. luckily I’m used to fasting..


Day 117

Looks like the internet is down again, so much for having fibre optics unlimited WiFi.
Today was chest workout. I’m really concerned today as the past few days I’ve had a pain in my elbow. I don’t know this is going to impact  today’s workout.

Bench press
Incline press
Dumbbell pull overs
Decline press.
Workout was OK. I’ve had s few strong lifts today and haven’t been that heavy in a long time. Definitely made some great gains with since incorporating keto.
Breakfast was a fry-up.
Zucchini, bacon, egg, tomatoes, onion, chili, Thai basil, salt and pepper.
Washed down with a bullet decaf. It still wasn’t a huge amount of calories at under 1000 calories ( 904) coffee inclusive .usually my meals are around 1500 calories . Kauri did a paleo version.

We’ve agreed with the WiFi down we will go out for the afternoon.

I’ve quickly scoffed 75 g of chilli salami down before heading off.

I’ll get my iPad looked at today. I suspect the panels faulty. Yep should have been a betting man .. Apple only gives 6 months warranty so this is almost 2 years old. Oh well s*** happens, nothing’s meant to last or these days made to last.

Time to maybe buy a new one. Have I mentioned before how everything electronic dies in this place. Same with most of the plants it’s like an evil presence .. yep it’s Kauri’s mum..

We actually did some clothes shopping. Kauri purchased some shoes, a top and I purchased some new shorts ..

The other day I almost had a wardrobe malfunction so time to downsize another pair of shorts or find ones with a drawstring.

It was nice to get out for a few hours sit down and have a coffee and surf the net with free WiFi that actually works. I really do appreciate the time spent away with my wife even just sitting back enjoying a coffee.

It’s almost 4 o’clock so time to reluctantly head back home ..OK, I’m putting up a bit of a fight to prolong the trip home.

It’s been a great day.

Dinner will be Kauri’s world famous pork belly, spinach cooked in bacon fat. I’m also going to have 2 fat bombs to reach my calories for today.



Night all. 🌗🌜⭐️




Day 115

Leg day.

Morning everyone.

Leg day comes around way too fast for my liking.

Laying leg curls

Leg extensions

Straight legged deadlifts

Bulgarian split squats

I’d like to say this was short and sweet but that would be a lie.  A lot of sets today.


Scrambled eggs and bacon wrapped asparagus with a bullet style decaf.

A great start to the morning.

Today was actually was a day of highs and lows ..

The more I do keto, the more I want to change it. First and foremost, I’m honest and I hope that’s portrayed here. I’ve been thinking for a while to go back to a paleo style diet ..I did this before I ever started keto.


For the first time yesterday the keto groups got to me. Someone asked a question if a products keto. An example this product had soy.

So they were advised that soy is genetically modified and not keto friendly. Then they argue and argued that soys not that bad and added a post about it. So why ask then? If that’s what you think, don’t ask and act like an ass. Unfortunately, this is becoming common place.

Then the other day, race and religion got into a conversation of a post. I have no issue with race or religion as long as you don’t preach it to me and respect my beliefs as well.

Why do people seem so uptight with keto? It’s really not so hard a process to follow but why do people have to cheat and drink with this way of life and then promote it? I had a guy I was helping also ready to throw in the towel. He gained a little weight and 1% bodyfat ..

This poor guy had done everything right even found hidden sugars in things he was eating. He should have lost weight. But this can happen.

I’ve said this many, many times this is not a one size fits all scenario. It has to be tailored to suit you and your needs and readjusted if required.

Yesterday all of this weighed heavily on me including some things I’m going through at the moment. I was so close to leaving every keto group and do what works for me and then go do paleo out of spite so I have nothing more to do with these irrational, ignorant and rude people.

After all I owe them nothing. After a deep breath I didn’t leave the groups but I did leave the amin role. This was not to be nasty or spiteful. I can’t deal with people that won’t listen even when it’s backed by science not hearsay of others. I’ve been in customer service rolls for years I’ve never seen anything like it. It was depressing reading these posts.

These were grabs from posts yesterday;

One lady was promoting eat all your fats first as this is more important than consuming proteins. Rather than proteins your goal, don’t exceed your carbs and use fat as a lever.

My friend who’s a nutritionist and does told her it’s wrong but she still argued the point. The lady was adamant that she was right as she lost weight. Well I’m adamant that bacon keeps elephants away. I eat bacon every day and I have not seen one elephant around our house. So it must be true.

One guy was promoting fat does not get absorbed as a calorie when eaten with carbs.

So as long as I eat a lot of fats with a small amount of carbs I will lose weight .. brilliant .. I’ll take his word for it he sound credible..NOT…

And another Promoting BCAA. There are many studies contradicting the use of BCAA. Some say the work well on fasted individuals, other say because we get them in our diet naturally this is a placebo effect (that ones backed by keto gains.) Yes, they are relatively cheap but are they really required? To date there is no conclusive study either way. If it works for some one, great, use it to your advantage. But saying you need to take them is misleading and BS.


People blindly follow this advice. Where do people get this crap and worse, others believe it. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

My highlight was talking to my hero ” Nigella.” This is the first time we have spoken on the phone. It was like catching up with an old friend.

It was really great. I loved hearing her Californian accent .. lol. It was a real boost to my day. I can’t believe I’m talking to this superstar.

Talking about keto, friendships, accents, training and life. I’ve always said you know when you’ve found great friends. You come away feeling great after talking to them .. Keto Kop is the other dear friend I feel the same way about her.

So with our hour chat done me feeling good it’s time for lunch.



Tuna salad with egg, balsamic vinegar, mustard and olive oil.

I’ve said this before, I hated salads but I really enjoy them so much since keto  and this one kicked ass.

We’ve decided to go to the local markets to pick up some veggies and roast chicken.




The veggie stand is owned by our friend “Paew ” and we have taken a tour of her gardens. It’s massive and she employs many workers. The veggies are always fresh.

Lurd is my chicken guy .. Seriously the best chickens in all of Thailand. Such a nice humble guy. He has this naughty school girl laugh. It’s so cute. I’m glad to see he wearing the glasses I gave him as a gift.

Back  in time for dinner


Lurd’s roast chicken and curry

Macro’s looking good ..

So my day ended up working out to be great with a hiccup earlier in the day.